A disappearing act | RaiRambles

I recently pulled another disappearing act on you all for the past couple of weeks. Other times I’ve done this I’ve not given much of an explanation but seeing as I haven’t rambled in a while and these words seem to be flowing from my finger tips why not just chat to you all like the old days?

I was on a full fledged blogging journey, blogging every second day, ideas were flowing, excited for travel, making new friends, beginning art and overall happy with my blogging life. Then that invisible wall went up and I hit it hard. 

I didn’t let you all know how hard as I was doing SO WELL and didn’t want you to be disappointed in me. 

I was having a few bad days again. Which consisted of me laying in bed staring at nothing, questioning if I was doing anything good at all. I lost my motivation and any momentum I had before. Which sucked. So bad. I had posts that I wanted to do, events coming up but I couldn’t get out of the rut.

It had to happen naturally which is annoying but the only way I can start again sometimes. With Supanova coming up I had something to focus on which was good. I also started drawing. Drawing a lot, like every day, as soon as I was up to when I went to bed. I feel like this relaxed me a lot and kept me focused on something good. I want to continue this, I’m hoping it will merge well with my blogging world and I can practice a whole lot. I’m glad for this.

Once Supanova came it was amazing I was hit with the adrenaline I needed, I was surrounded by friends, like minded people and celebrities which is my favourite way to live haha. I took a week off afterwards to unwind, get back into a work schedule, read and draw. 

Now I’m back! I’m excited. I had a much needed break which for once wasn’t even planned. I think that’s what let me down last time. I planned even my time off, this time it was half forced but I choose not to come back earlier than I needed to. It made all the difference! 

So I’m hoping to be a lot more active once again, I want to add more art to the blog and hopefully open up a shop for commissions this month *fingers crossed* 

What do you do to find motivation again? How do you face a bad day? Let me know what you do in your disappearing acts.

Love Always,