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If there is one thing I’m certain of in my excitement of traveling next year is all the places I will finally get to visit! These are the top ten that I will be over the moon happy if I got to visit in my time over seas. This is a continuation of the series I am doing to countdown my trip to Europe! You can see the first post HERE.

So here is my top ten destination list of places I’m dying to visit on my travels!

10 | England


England is a go to destination for a number of reasons, I’d love to see London as the last time I was there I was three and I fell asleep on the tour bus so I don’t have any memory haha I also have only ever been to the airport as a teenager to get to Ireland so as much as I’ve been there I haven’t actually BEEN there haha!

I can’t wait to see the city which I’ve seen so many times via favourite you-tubers, I want to go to Manchester as well to visit the darling Alice and I want to pop over to Brighton for those gorgeous views!

9 | California 


California was never on my lists as a child or teenager. I literally never wanted to go to America I have no idea why! Thanks to seeing You-Tubers showcase it to me I now want to experience this eternal summer for myself haha. I really want to find a group of people to go see the Big Sur with, I want to lay on beaches and experience what that LA life is all about. 

8 | Spain


This will be a definite visit! It will be one of the first three places I visit as I will be going with my friend Maddie on a tour of Spain. I am VERY excited! I’m keen to see all the colours, architecture and take it all in. Plus I will be very tempted to re-do the dance done by the cheetah girls because god knows they were a big part of my teenage life haha.

7 | Toronto 


Toronto, or even Canada as a whole was never on my list, like America. Then I met  Adrienne and I’m so there it’s not funny. The problem with having a friend overseas is not being actually able to hang out with them! So I will hopefully fix this problem and all of you will have to put up with us all over social media, okay? Okay.

6 | Iceland


Give me vast landscapes, Northern lights and views to take my breath away. I wanna feel like I’m at the edge of the universe while being right at the centre of it. Whenever I see pictures of Iceland I have a magically feel come about me. I wanna experience all this in real life!

5 | Amsterdam


I want all the cliches in Amsterdam. To go bike riding, boat on the canal and just be overly touristy as I can. I dunno why but I’m gonna do it! Everything just looks picture perfect here so you’ll know I’ve made it here if my Instagram feed starts blowing up haha! 

4 | Italy


To eat all the things. My goal for Italy is to eat, eat and eat. If I don’t gain any weight I’ve done Italy wrong! Also the architecture, culture and countryside will be top priorities but lets face it, I’m mainly there for the pasta and gelato.

3 | Santorini


Once upon a dream, I was laying in the sun surrounded by white and blue buildings with the most gorgeous ocean out in front of me. I have been dreaming of this place my entire life. If I make it here I will be absolutely ecstatic! Again you’ll know if I do by a very busy instagram feed haha

2 | Paris


Paris has been on my bucket list forever. I don’t know where my love for France came from but it has been with me since forever. I can’t wait to stand atop the Eiffel tower and take it all in. The city of love. 

1 | New York


When I make it to New York, oh boy am I gonna be so happy. Every time I see it’s skyline in TV or movies I give a sigh of longing. It’s where dreams are made of and I can’t wait to walk it’s streets, sit in the park, go Ice skating. I want to visit it first in winter and again maybe in the Spring. I am so keen for New York!

–     –     –     –     –

There we have it, ten places I am so very keen to visit while I’m on my travels. I really hope I get to visit all ten, it would be my dreams come true!

If you know any tips, places I should see or people to travel with haha anything at all let me know below! 

Love Always,

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