Fandom Fashion | Slytherin

The end is finally here! As you read this I’m off to the convention! To end this small series of Fandom Fashion it’s nothing other than Harry Potter. I have to represent my Slytherin pride!

Here we are rocking a preppy kind of vibe. I had to get a fashionable looking school uniform into the mix! Although it could’ve been an excuse just to rock thigh high socks again! 

I wore my A-line skirt because its the perfect chic preppy vibe, a black lace top to add the sultry feminine look I feel all Slytherin girls achieve and threw on my emerald green coat, black lace up boots and Slytherin scarf of course!

Harry Potter has become a huge part of my life. It’s made me live in a whole new fantasy world full of laughs, astonishment and even sadness. J K Rowling’s mind continues to astound me with how detailed her world is. I’m glad for it as we are able to delve deeper ourselves.

My year 12 jumper had the nickname ‘Tonks’ on it. I’ve met the twins, Lucius Malfoy, Tonks, Krum and Ginny. I ask nearly everyone I meet what house they are (it’s the easiest way to decipher someones personality) and I will forever love the world of Harry Potter. 

Let me know what house your in! What book is your favourite?

Love Always,