Fandom Fashion | Disney

I mentioned in yesterdays post that today’s Fandom Fashion would be a flashback to one of the first fandoms we all join; Disney.

I’ve gone for a Minnie inspired look, red skirt and ears a lovely black midriff and I even paired it with some white sneakers fit enough to go running around DisneyWorld in! 

This outfit can be worn with some nice ballet flats, sandals or heels to dress it up as well. We can take Disney with us everywhere!

I think Disney has been apart of many of our lives, I don’t remember a time where I didn’t know of it. My favourite princess growing up was Ariel, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid! My first crush was the cartoon Peter Pan. I’ve watched nearly every original film (except probably any recent ones as we don’t get the Disney channel any more *cries*) and my first Idols were all Disney stars! (I’m even seeing Selena Gomez in concert soon ;P)

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? Favourite movie, prince, villain? Let me know all your Disney feels in the comments!

Love Always,