Fandom Fashion | Captain America

Welcome to the first of my four part series ‘Fandom Fashion’ leading up to me attending Supanova! I think you should all know by now that I’m a massive fangirl so I decided to share four fandoms that I am into, why and how I got into them while pulling off a wearable fandom look! 

These will be great for those who don’t fully feel comfortable cosplaying but want to share their fandom pride!

First stop. Captain America.

I‘ve gone with a biker kinda feel as Steve does love his motorbike! Of course his symbol is right across my chest and I’ve paired it with my mom jeans and some converse. The converse stars tie in perfectly for that Patriotic American look.

I fell in love with Steve since he stated “I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.” As someone who has been bullied but doesn’t like violence that quote struck me and Steve became my favourite superhero. 

I love how loyal he is, how he fights for what he believes in and would do anything for his loved ones. He is a decent person in my eyes and even when he fails or does something wrong he reflects and keeps getting better

Plus you can’t not love Chris Evans people!

So I’m proud to wear his symbol all the time. We shall just never discuss what the writers want to do with him, okay? 

Let me know what you think of the look! Are you keen for the next three looks for fandom fashion? Plus who is your favourite superhero!

Love Always,