Fandom Fashion | Achievement Hunter

Part two of my Fandom Fashion is Achievement Hunter! Also known as RoosterTeeth and also a love for Funhaus. But I picked the guys who got me into it all in the first place! Watching grown men play video games. (I don’t even play them myself haha)

What’s great about this, is that I actually wear this out and often. So this is a common look you’ll see me in. Also a look I’ll be wearing to the convention I’m going to. All you have to do is swap out different t-shirts.

What I do (as I don’t like tucking the shirt in) is grab fashion tape, fold the top in half stick it on the inside and boom instant mid-drift without having to sacrifice being able to wear it as a normal tee. Plus I feel I can still rock a bit of a chic vibe while still wearing fandom gear!

I got into Achievement Hunter in year 11. Right as I was starting my important high school studies, so great timing there to get into youtube 24/7! I was on tumblr and someone had posted gifs from a game called minecraft, they stated “whatever you do don’t watch this you’ll be addicted.” I scoffed! How could I get addicted to people playing minecraft? I clicked the video and about 60 videos later I was caught up watched every one since (at this moment we are at episode 211).

7 Years of watching I can’t go a day with out wanting to hear these guys and gals voices I absolutely love them! They make me laugh like no one can and have become a huge focal point of my life. If you want to see me meet them you can read the posts HERE and HERE

Plus you can get RoosterTeeth merchandise HERE!

Let me know what you think of the look! Plus tomorrow we go back to a fandom that started it all! ;P

Love Always,