Eyes of a fangirl | Slytherin

Now it wouldn’t be a favourite fandom series if I didn’t include a Harry Potter look now would it? More precisely, a Slytherin look. We all know Slytherin’s rule now don’t we! haha

The statement colours are of obviously green, also mixed with silver and a touch of black. 

1 | Again prime the eye, and cover the eye in the white shade from the ‘NYX Love In Paris – A La Mode’ palette.
2 | Using the lightest silver from the palette (bottom middle) cover the whole lid.
3 | Now to add definition, the darker silver (top middle) cover the outer corner of the eye focusing on the crease. Then if you want to go darker as I have, and to add the little bit of darkness of a slytherin, get the top right colour and add just to the crease. Blend to get your desired smokey eye.
4 | Next we line our eyes! First I used a dark forest green by ‘Essence’  drawing a winged look. Not to long but enough to make it look like a snakes tail. 
5 | Finally from the inner corner we use the ‘NYX gel in Teal’ towards the centre again creating more of an ombre look. 

And now we have a badass Slytherin look! Rock your green and silver with snake pride!

If you missed the last eye’s of a fangirl look you can see it HERE. I have one last look, which will be the most outrageous of the three. Till then let me know what you think!

What Hogwarts house are you in?

Love Always,