Eyes of a fangirl | The Night Circus

I‘m currently re-reading The Night Circus’ and thought I should finish off these make-up looks with an outrageous circus look. As the circus is all black and white with those who love it most wearing a dash of red I focused on those three colours.

I wanted it to be over the top, but I also wanted it to have pieces you could take away to make it an everyday look as well. 

1 | Prime and using the white shade from the ‘NYX Love In Paris – A La Mode’ palette cover the whole lid.
2 | To brighten the inner corner I used the lightest silver (bottom middle) from the same palette. 
3 | Start to darken the outer corner and crease with the glittered black (top right) blending until you get your desired look.
4 | Deepen with the matte black (middle) creating more of a straight line, to create the lines you see on circus tents. We want all the dramatics here!
5 | Eyeliner time! I used the ‘Maybelline Colour Show in Black’ creating a long wing and another just above it. Again more lines for tents! Place more white shadow if you want the lid brighter and viola!
6 | I did end up going back with a liquid liner to give more definition and I also added hearts on my cheeks to give me the red and show the two lovers from the book

I really hope you have all enjoyed these three make up looks! To continue the fandom love until Supanova hits on Friday I have four more consecutive posts going up starting tomorrow! Look out for them!

This look (as I said above) can be toned down for everyday, just remove a heart, thin out the eyeliner and blend out the black a bit more for an everyday circus look!

What do you think? Let me know!

Love Always,