Eyes of a fangirl | Captain America

I wanted June to be a month of fandom filled posts. I love June, June brings Supanova one of my favourite conventions to go to! A weekend of fun, friends, cosplayers and stars!

So to start it off I thought why not do three makeup looks for some of my favourite fandom loves! As I don’t cosplay myself these were what I came up with to spread my fandom love with you.

Let’s get started with my love Steve Rogers also known as Captain America! (We are going to ignore everything the new writers want to do with Steve FYI haha) I thought this was also good timing with civil war coming out. I wore a similar look to the movie but I had red as well because I couldn’t pick a side ;P

The rest of my face is done how I usually go about doing it, for more look at my every day makeup HERE. First prime your eyes I use the one by Australis but any will do, we just need to make sure all the colours stay put!

1 | I applied the white shadow from my ‘NYX Love In Paris – A La Mode’ palette all over my lid to make sure the colours I put on top would really pop.
2 | Then from the ‘Maybelline Color Molten – Sapphire Mist’ I grab the lightest shade and apply this from the inner corner towards the centre of my eye.
3 | Grabbing this beautiful shadow ‘Revlon in Periwinkle’ I covered the rest of my lid. Blue and shiny just like Cap’s shield ;P
4 | Grabbing the darker shade from the Maybelline shadow set I then pushed this into my crease, just on the outer corner to give more definition. 
5 | Now was onto my dreaded part, eyeliner. I haven’t done eyeliner in months haha so this was a bit of the challenge. I used the ‘NYX Gel in Cobalt Blue’. Darkening it up at the corner by placing the dark Maybelline shade over the top.

Bam! There’s my Captain America inspire eye look! 

Let me know what you think below! I have two more make-up looks coming over the next couple of days! 

Love Always,