April to June | Favourites

Another three months have come and gone, like woah this year needs to slow down a tad! With it though comes new favourites to rave about with all of you! Again I’ve separated it into categories starting off with the beauty side of things.


Urban Decay Setting Spray | Guess who finally joined this bandwagon, mwah. I’m not going back either haha! I don’t know what I was doing before setting sprays, this is a miracle worker guys! 

Australis Colour Corrector | I picked this up on a whim before the last event I went to (where I knew I’d be taking a lot of photos) they had a special on so I decided why not now try a colour corrector? Glad I did this has changed the game! It has made SUCH a difference on my dark circles under my eyes I will be in the look out for a lot of different types of corrector now to give them a go!

Australis Highlights | I also got super into bronzing and highlighting these past few months. They have become a staple in my beauty routine and this highlighter is just too pretty. Plus it’s affordable and animal cruelty free! I have heard good things about their banana powder as well so I may try that next.

Biore Blemish Clearing Scrub | I have broadened my Biore horizons immensely and they have been working an absolute treat. This was the first buy after my charcoal cleanser and using both of them has cleared up my skin SO MUCH. SO glad I found these products!

Books and TV

Game of Thrones | Can we take a moment to appreciate how epic GOT was this season? Like I’ve never enjoyed a season more they got it so right this time round, I don’t think I was disappointed once! That finale was one of the best I have ever seen and I the waiting game for the next season will be so hard haha.

The Night Circus | Re-reading this has re-awoken my love for how incredible this book is. The night circus is my favourite book of all time, if I could enter it’s world for even a second I would! A book review will be coming for this in July (I promise here so you can yell at me if I don’t get it done haha). 



Supanova | Can we take a moment of silence for the Rai who died when she finally met Derek Hale in real life? I really did die happy, there will be a post about this in more detail but this would’ve been one of the best Supanovas I’ve ever attended (I’ve gone to about 7 or 8 now!) Tyler was amazing, my friends cosplays were epic, I took cosplay photos which was awesome fun! Plus its just a blast to be surrounded by adults in costumes and it to be very normal haha!


Mid Ayr | After seeing them open for Ball Park Music I haven’t stopped listening to them haha! They are the perfect playlist to listen to during winter and when I need to focus on certain things. Like blogging because let’s face it I am totally listening to them as I type this.

–     –     –     –     –

Another quarterly favouites done and dusted my friends! If you’ve been the ones to notice I’ve disappeared off social media and blogging for a bit have no fear I’m hoping to pick up momentum once again so look out for July! 

Let me know what your favourites have been and if you like any of the above! 

Love Always,