Winter Red Everyday Makeup | Beauty

Red has overtaken my life and my eyes at the moment. After trying to use the colours on my NYX palette that I hadn’t touched while grabbing inspiration from Arden Rose I’ve used this as my everyday for the past couple of weeks! I’m addicted to say the least. 

So lets start with the base. I always wash my face first and I’m still using the Biore range which I reviewed here. I’m looking for a really great day and night moisturiser ATM so if you know of one comment below! For now I’m using one by Biore. After that sinks in I grab a primer.

I’m addicted to three. I use Smashbox on my nose only as that’s where my pores are biggest. Then it depends; Australis if I want something lightweight or Rimmel if I need more moisture in my skin. It all depends on how my skin is acting that day!

Then it’s onto foundation! I’m going to be trying out a range of concealers to find my holy grail so a couple of days ago I got one by NYX in ‘Fair’ to try out! I’m using Maybelline’s dark circle eraser in ‘Light’ under my eyes but I’m going to be looking into colour correcters soon!

My favourite foundation is next, Rimmels Lasting Finish in ‘Ivory’. This goes on really easy, doesn’t dry me out like some foundations do and still gives great coverage. All I do is put dots all over my face and neck then dab it into my skin using a damp Real Techniques beauty blender!

Once the core of my face is done and dusted I move onto my eye brows and eyes! Brushing out my brows with a spool I then grab an angled brush and using the bottom right matte brown I fill them in. Setting with my Maybelline brow drama in ‘Transparent’ so they don’t take on a mind of their own!

More primer! I’m using my Australis Eye shadow Primer which has been working grand! Now onto the main attraction! All shadows from my NYX ‘Love in Paris Merci Beaucoup palette’;

1 | Red: Top right. I place this in the outer corner of my lid and drag into the middle of my eyes.
2 | Pink: Top middle. I blend this into the red and brush towards my inner corner to create an ombre effect rather than just BAM red!
3 | My most used colour: Top left. I use this in the centre of my eye along the crease and down into the inner corner.
4 | Highlight: Bottom Left. This goes right in the corner of my eye to make me look wide awake!

Finishing off with my favourite mascara of all time Maybelline ‘The Falsies Big Eyes’ Covering my upper lashes fully then using the lower lash brush just to cover from the outer corner to centre of my eye. I find that leaving my inner bottom lashes clean make my eyes look bigger!

Mwah! Lip time. Since it’s winter I have to use a lip scrub otherwise the chapped lips are out of control haha! I’m using one by lush ATM ‘The Kiss’. Followed by whatever Chapstick is close to me at the time and then Revlons Matte Balm in ‘Sultry’ if I want to dull down the pick and have all focus on the eyes I mix this with ‘Complex’.

Last I bronze my cheeks with my Rimmel bronzer and highlight above the bronzer, tip of my nose and my cupids bow with my Australis cream highlighter. Set with my favourite thing in the world Urban Decay’s Setting Spray.

Viola! The finished look! I wear this out to shop, work or when chilling with friends. Playing around with brighter colours will become the next ‘thing’ for me so let’s see where I take it next haha!

Let me know what you think below! Are you a red lover? Or wear any other bright colours on your eyes you’d recommend? Let me know below! 

Love Always,