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Some of you may have noticed a little blogging break I took after my first May post. I didn’t know I needed one till I took it and boy do I feel a lot better! I know it’s common to take breaks but I haven’t allowed myself one in ages. Some may not take breaks as it may stop their flow of blogging but for me it has let me breathe and look at my blog in a new light.

Why I took a break |

I think many factors come into why I needed one. Work, home, motivation. Being stressed about work, needing to figure out when we are moving house, and trying to figure out the best way to save for Europe were at the forefront of my mind so it got in the way of my blogging schedule. 

Then was the actual blog itself. Having blogged every second day for the past 3 months had me worried about schedules only and I was starting to lose my love of blogging. There’s nothing wrong with blogging a lot, I’d say I loved it the most part, but I was heading towards a brick wall and overall exhaustion. 

Reasons that breaks are good for you and your blog |

Rest | Even though I was still working and hanging with friends, I seemed to feel a lot more rested. I didn’t realise how much blogging went into my life! I wouldn’t have it any other way but it was nice to see that I could have a rest every now and then and step away from the screen.

Fresh start | Having a break away gave me new ideas and more motivation to write and post. It was nice afterwards knowing that I came back more eager to get back to writing and taking photos. It really made me appreciate my blog and want to come back with a fresh face.

New perspective | I also had new blog post ideas from being away so long. After taking a break to hang out with friends I got to use my camera just for fun so I think more photo diary‘s will be in my future! 

–     –     –     –     –

Overall I’m glad I took the break. It may have only been about 10 days but I was starting to lose love of blogging. I think this is only natural though. I’ve seen so many people hit a rut, rest, then come back with new motivation. I won’t hate myself if I need to do it again in the future. 

Have you taken a break from blogging before? How did you find motivation and a love for your blog again? Let me know in the comments!

Love Always,