Pop Art #2 | Art

I’m back with another round of pop art that showcases some of my most beloved bloggers! This series is really fun to create as I can see my art style getting better with each work. There is only going to be three installments though, so here are group two!

Brooke | Brooke Elise


I met Brooke through the #bdibNA chat (seems to be a place I meet a lot of my fave bloggers haha). Brooke isn’t afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in which I admire about her. An amazing beauty blogger and one who talks openly about topics personal to her. Her blog is great I highly recommend it!

Noor | Noor’s Place 


Noor is one of the most creative people I know. An absolute stunner and one of my favourite people. Just an over all fun, bright lady who is creating such an awesome blog and space! I want more people in the world like Noor. Please check out her blog it’s amazing!

Kati | Kati Rose

Kati was one of the first bloggers I ever interacted with, laid back with awesome knowledge for music and pop culture herself and blog just rock! Shes unique and has a great writing style which grasps your attention. For you music lovers her blog is the place to be!

Areeba | Not Your Type of Blog

Areeba is a bad-ass. Like her twin, she is highly creative and keeps me coming back for more and more. Insightful and confident this girl is where it’s at! Seriously if I could bottle up Areeba and Noor’s creative juices I would, they are an unstoppable force who I wouldn’t mind taking over the world. She’s a blast!

Charlie | Charlie CP

Charlie is a new blogger friend who I started talking to via Adrienne. This Aussie loving girl makes me smile with her witty tweets, love for books and plus I can’t get over her adorable British accent haha! A true beauty lover and fashion queen Charlie’s blog is a must read.

–     –     –     –     –

Group two done! I love these artworks of them. I think they really hit home with their personality’s plus drawing these beauties was so fun! I can’t wait to finish the last installment and hopefully working on my opening a shop page so you can get your own pop art version of yourself! 

Love Always,