Photo Diary Stroll to the Beach | Lifestyle

Lately I’ve been getting out of the house to go on a walk and just clear out my head. I’ve found that I don’t enjoy just sitting a computer all day, like I used to, instead I need to spend at least some time outside in the fresh air. Instead of feeling guilty not working on blogging I decided to take my camera with me to make another photo diary. A win-win situation!

This time round I found myself just needing to see the ocean again. I haven’t sat on a beach in what feels like forever. Even though I was clad in jeans it was sunny enough to find a shady spot have a mini nap and just listen to the waves and feel the sand. Nothing beats it in my opinion. 

The strolls playlist was a mix of Mid Ayr songs who I can’t get enough of since seeing them live. I was also wearing my new Ball Park Music shirt from the same concert! I even got my favourite ice cream on the way home. (An almond magnum for those wondering). Afterwards I felt so refreshed and got right back into the blogging world.

I really suggest that when you‘re feeling off or ugh about life to just get up, put on a comfy outfit and just walk with no real destination. Listen to the birds, watch the clouds and people around you and just enjoy the little things. It really does make a difference! 

Where are your favourite places to go on a stroll? Do you go often? Let me know! 

Love Always,