Me before You by Jojo Moyes | Book Review

“You’ll cry your eyes out” and “I sobbed” were the most common phrases thrown at me when I decided to read this book. I first saw the trailer for the movie and asked my friend if I should read the book and she immediately said yes, so once I found it, the book was taken straight home to read. This review is going to have a few spoilers in it, I never spoil but I find it’s hard to talk about this novel without doing so. THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING. If you are okay with that please proceed!

Just from watching the trailer I knew it was a love story between a man in a wheelchair and a girl who takes up a job looking after him. I thought it was cute but another cliché love story which I’d still watch because look at the cast Finnick (Sam Claflin) and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke)? Yes please haha 

Also I had a lot of people telling me it was heart breaking and would leave me in tears. So my preconception was this; Girl wins over boys heart, they fall in love having an adventure, due to being in wheelchair boy gets sick/girl gets injured therefore someone dies. Someone had to die. If they expected me to cry so much. I feel like this made me go into the book with a hard heart and detach myself from it in the get go.

The Real Story |
Will gets into a motorcycle accident leaving him as a quadriplegic. Lou loses her job resulting her in becoming the carer for Will. Will comes across stubborn and uninterested in life, Lou is agitated and trapped in her ‘perfect’ little world of home. 

These two characters push and pull off each other, testing each others limits. It doesn’t even look like a love story rather than a tale of new friends testing boundaries and pushing each other to better things and a new life. Mental states, relationships, family, ambitions are shown through Lou and Will through their individual struggles and barriers. 

Pushing these boundaries and letting in love to show a different side of life.

The real story was just that, more real. It wasn’t a cliché love story. It made me think about how people can feel trapped. Lou in her routine and comfort and Will in the literal sense of being trapped physically and mentally. You learn a lot about people and how horrible situations can change lives for better and worse.

Did I cry? |
From the get go Will told us he would stick with his plan and choose to die. Did I have some hope? A sliver maybe, there was always a little part of me rooting for Louisa and that they would get their ‘happily ever after’.

I did bond with the characters Lou was so trapped between secrets and emotions that I just wanted something positive to come to her. Will was a daredevil and top of his field who now couldn’t even feed or clean himself, it was heartbreaking to see how people reacted to him. I found myself getting angry at those who judged him for being in the chair and for the places where he could get no access to. 

After growing with these characters in a short amount of time seeing them laugh, cry and fall in love. It did leave it very bitter sweet. But I knew Will, the strong willed man and I knew from early on he would still carry out his decision. When it came I was happy he spent the last few months laughing and loving and was fine with his decision. 

I let him go. No tears. Just understanding.

Final Thoughts
It’s a good and easy read. Keeps you turning the pages and seeing what will happen. I feel like some of it is a tad predictable though, the love story was coming but it gave enough twists for it to be engaging. I don’t like the thought of the second book, yes there is a second. I think it ends perfectly and I’m gonna give it a miss and have Lou in my head explore the world and find herself and her happiness. 

If you want something to pull at your heart strings and for you to decide what you think is right in certain situations go ahead! It really makes you have to jump out of your shoes and see a new perspective. You need to be understanding and forgiving. It can leave you sad, angry, confused. That’s the beauty of this book, everyone I talk to comes away with different thoughts and feelings and a discussion is born. Join in on that discussion and give it a read!

Have you read ‘Me before you’? Do you plan on seeing the movie? What are your thoughts, start a discussion below! 

Love Always,