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There is something both wonderful and terrifying going to a concert where you don’t know any songs of the people you’re seeing live. Yes I had seen Ball Park Music once before but I would’ve been around 16! That was 6 years ago, so I’m not very aware of their new music to say the least haha. Luckily for me however my friend Ellen is still a major fan (she’s seen them 7 times) and I tagged along her and my other friend Moni to see them on their headline tour.

Opening for them was a Sydney girl ‘Odette‘ and a Brisbane band ‘Mid Ayr‘ who I wouldn’t have ever discovered unless seeing them live. Very glad I did. Odette is one of those people, that when she opens her mouth and sings you’re instantly hooked. A fabulous singer, her songs also incorporated, what I wanna call a poetic nature, I felt like I was listening to a type of slam poetry intertwined with music. Her songs felt personal, like you were listening to her inner monologue. Go check her out shes epic! 

Mid Ayr were nothing I could’ve expected haha. They walked on like they had just come from the 70’s the lead singers eyes were piercing though so I payed attention, once he sung I kind laughed to myself. Never judge a book by the cover guys I will probably be listening to them for a while! There’s a mix of beach summer sounds which show their Aussie mindset intertwined with what I felt of English/Irish rock bands. I was very much getting snow patrol vibes who I’m already in love with. Then the lead singer added a these yells which made it so different I was addicted haha. Plus watching them perform was like intruding on a moment they were all so into the music it was awesome to see. (unfortunately didn’t get a good picture its a shame!)

–     –     –     –     –

Ball Park Music. The main event.  The crowd went wild and I was already smiling like an idiot, even not knowing what to expect. 

I could hands down say that this was one of the best concerts I’ve been too. They sounded so amazing, bands that are talented always get me moving. They played so well, the sounds were so perfect both instruments and vocals. They even did some of what Ed Sheeran did with recording live vocals then using them as backgrounds in the main songs. 

The crowd was also amazing you can tell when people 100% genuinely follow and love a band and this crowd was loving it! I never felt out of place it was great. I’m gonna be getting their albums for sure! 

We also happened to see them at the same place we saw Lisa Mitchell so it was a good small atmosphere which really lets you feel more apart of the experience. As you can see from the above picture its feels like a factory with epic art. Stormtrooper anyone? Plus they had spray painted Prince’s symbol on the wall as a tribute which I admired. <3

–     –     –     –     –

I’d really recommend checking out all three of these awesome musicians! I’m so glad I decided to go, it was a fabulous night!

Have you heard of these guys before? If not is this your type of music? Let me know in the comments any other similar bands I can get hooked on! 

Love Always,