April | May

April | Did this month even happen? I feel like it went by so fast that I have no recollection for it. A mash up of work, socializing, blogging and people trying to sell the house made it a blur.

So let’s look back at what I wanted to do |
Think about tattoo, which I did a lot. This month let’s just do it aye?
Dye my hair. Work said no but maybe I can go darker, or maybe even lighter?
Clear out closet. LOL NUP! 
Create and sell art. I created heaps of things this month! I have even started making a page where people can ask for commissions! Exciting! Hoping this helps with saving for Europe.
Reach new blog goals. I got 500 twitter followers! WOO! I also continued to blog every second day!
Continue saving. I did! I’m nearly at my first major goal which I’ll hit in the next month or two! So that’s exciting. I’m so keen for Europe!
Relax. Kind of? I was very stressed and sad this month but hey I took a lot of baths?

What made me happy this month |
Went to see professional ice-skaters with my friend Zoe. They did back flips on ice and we even saw an Olympian skater. (All for $20!)
I got mum jeans. Made me very happy haha.
Hung out with a lot of friends.
Received my applications to get an Aussie and Irish passport!
Celebrated Mason’s first birthday.
Saw RWBY and Captain America big screen.
Read more and created a lot of art. (Pop art, journal, poems!)

–     –     –     –     –

May | May brings new beginnings. I don’t know why but May always sounds like a month of flowers and new life and pretty images. So I want to make the most of this month to make up for the last two.

The owners sold the house on the last day of April. So mow we have two months to find a new place. I want get rid of what I don’t want/use to make use of a new space in a new house. 

New month. New house. Fresh Start.

This month let’s aim to |
Get that tattoo. Once and for all.
Clear out my room.
Apply for my passports.
Figure out a mini plan for where I want to visit in both Europe and America.
Start selling art.
Get out of the house more.
Don’t stress out about blog posts or number. I want a relaxed creative month.

–     –     –     –     –

It’s gonna be May. Yes this post ended with that meme. You love may. ;P

What did you get up to in April? Plus what do you want to in May?

Love Always,