11 months till Europe | Travel

If all goes right, in eleven months I’ll be jumping on a plane to travel around Europe for one to two years. (Maybe three who knows I keep changing my mind haha) So I decided to do a sort of series of posts to help count down the trip!

I have wanted to do this for so many years but chances evaded me. Money was a problem and people to go with. It wasn’t till the end of last year I told myself “if not now, when?” I kept saying I‘d do it over and over but with nothing to prove. So I opened up a savings account and it snowballed from there. 

I’m not even worried about going alone now (which since I talked about it so much I will now be with my friend Maddie for the first couple of months! We‘re thinking Ireland, Germany and Spain!) since joining the blogging community, my horizons have expanded as I know so many people across the globe now who I can’t wait to meet!

You may also be thinking, “hey, how are you gonna save for two to three years in Europe?” well luckily I’m eligible for an Irish passport so I can work in Ireland while staying with family! I think I may also be able to work in England/London so how epic would that be! 

So here are 11 thoughts I’ve had getting ready for Europe;
11 | I should get my passports; I am passportless ATM haha! This needs to change as not only do I need my Irish I also need my original Australia one. My family also wants to go to New Zealand so I should work on getting these ASAP!

10 | My list of places I want to visit keeps growing; First it was just Ireland, France , Greece, Italy and England as my focus points. Then I kept discovering more and more places I wanted to see, do and eat so the list grew. I’m also hopefully heading across to America in small chunks as well (and Canada)!

9 | I get to start fresh; I live in a place where everyone knows each other. I’ve known all the people I talk to often for 10+ years. Hardly anyone knows me where I‘ll go. No past for people to drone on about just who I am as a person now and who I‘ll turn into. Bloody awesome!

8 | Excited for the new; New experiences, opportunities and surroundings. I’m gonna try and experience as much as possible. Tick of a few bucket list items and just enjoy being lost haha! Maybe even try out some blogger events, meet new people, see if there are any volunteer/work opportunities for events! Just be open and have fun.

7 | Will I survive the cold?; Probably not. ;P

6 | Will I get homesick; High chance. I once slept over at my Grandmas house (which was 15 mins from home) and got so home sick they had to pick me up haha! I’m hoping skype and being amazed at whats around me will distract from this. Maybe I should bring my favourite toy and book?

5 | How much do I need to pack; A lot? A little? We shall see how this turns out. I’ll probably sell a lot of my clothes before hand to limit what I pack and help with money towards the trip!

4 | Language barriers; I’m going to have many translation books when I head over, think Italian, French, German, Greek, the list goes on! I do not want to be the person who can‘t communicate or doesn’t even try! Let me try to learn your language!

3 | What hair colour should I go; Work won’t let me dye it so hello red and blue hair!

2 | Where will I stay who will I meet; Family in Ireland. Hotels for the tours I do with Maddie. Apart from that? I’ll be looking at air bnb’s and psst fellow bloggers/mutuals you always have a couch right ;P Meeting wise I hope to meet a lot of bloggers and fellow travelers to explore with! I would also just love to mingle with the locals.

1 | OMG am I a travel blogger?; Let’s hope so! 

–     –     –     –     –

So what do you think? Do you have any input in the above? Tips of the trade to share? Let me know below!  

Love Always,