Urban Decay Review | Beauty

I‘ve now been using the Urban Decay Setting Spray for a couple of weeks now, so it’s time to review! Since posting about it in my beauty haul, I’ve been dying to see what it was like and how it worked along side my make-up!

Longevity | One of the main things I was worried about was how long this spray bottle would last me considering the price. It was one of the things that was stopping me buying the product but has luckily changed my mind! After using it everyday since I got it, the bottle still feels really full and I know I’ll get my moneys worth and not have to worry about it running out!

Has it worked | Yes! I was really skeptical at first, I mean everyone was raving about it but when that many people like the same product I get a little bit doubtful that people are telling the truth. Sometimes when this happens people just hop on the bandwagon. But here I am, raving about it haha! It has worked very well on me. I’ve used it over two different foundations and a tinted moisturiser. Many different eyeshadow combinations. In the rain and sun. While working up a sweat and stressed out at work. All have shown me that my make-up stays! 

I used to get patchy around the bottoms of my cheeks, nose and forehead. I don’t see that any more!

It even helps for where my glasses sit on my nose. My make-up always goes away and rubs off onto my glasses (so annoying!) but it has helped this at least 50% not completely but I’m happier with wearing make-up and glasses now haha. 

Below are pictures I took before work and then after when I started using the spray, make-up looks and feels the same! BOOM SUCCESS! 

Usage | Smells like florals so that’s a plus! A few sprays over the face is all it takes, you don‘t have to go overboard. If the bottle is far away enough it sprays out to cover a large area. It feels sticky at first and I walk around for a few seconds until I feel it dry on my skin then I put my glasses back on and continue my day!
Buy again | Yes! I do however want to try other brands just to compare but I’m in love with the product and have now joined the chorus of love for it. Can’t go back after using a setting spray! 

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Let me know if you use this spray, what do you think of it? Hit or miss? Any other brands I should try out?

Love Always,