Spending Ban | Recap

A month has passed already which means that my spending ban is finally at an end! How well did I do? Let’s see shall we…

I decided at the start of the month to have a whole 31 days of spending my money wisely and not buying anything that wasn’t needed. AKA anything that wasn’t food related or travel for work. You can read my post here for more details. I also wanted to save a lot more for Europe and for the New Zealand trip that I was going to have (which got postponed so ugh haha). 

–     –     –     –     –

I decided to focus on not spending my money on four areas, so let’s see how I did!

Chocolate | I went pretty well on cutting down my costs for chocolate. I didn’t want to cut it out completely as I would’ve gone through withdrawals and probably killed someone haha! I did however only buy sale items and smaller amounts so I wouldn’t over do it. I saved a lot more plus I limited my chocolate intake which is a win-win.

Make-up | I did so WELL! Even though I made a wishlist and I was eyeing off a lot of products. I lasted! I think I bought make-up wipes and a face wash but they were to clean my skin so I think I can get away with that. As soon as the ban ended however I did grab a few pieces. I’ll have a mini haul so you can all see my down fall haha

Books | Didn’t buy any. Didn’t go into any bookstore. I’m super proud of myself. This is where it all could’ve gone down hill!

Clothes and shoes | You caught me red handed and surrounded by three winter coats. I’m sorry I failed. With the knowledge of New Zealand cancelled, moving house and my favourite shop having a sale of winter coats it all came crashing down around me. I don’t regret it though. They look amazing. 

–     –     –     –     –

So what have I learnt?

That you don’t have to not spend anything to save. By budgeting my money and not going over board I can still grab a few must have items without damaging the accounts! I now will still save but allow a spoiling here or there. 

I don’t think I will buy in bulk anymore either. So goodbye huge shopping sprees. It works better spreading out what I want to buy so I can grab a treat but still have enough for life expenses and for my Europe savings. 

I know know that it is okay to treat yourself and not be worried about doing so if you work hard to gain it. 


–     –     –     –     –

Have any of you gone on a spending ban? What do you think of them? Are they worth it or not? 

Love Always,