Pop Art #1 | Art

After creating a pop art version of Lauren for her birthday, I decided I loved it so much to create a series. Over the next few weeks/months (depending on how fast I draw haha) you’ll see a group of 5 bloggers and friends who inspire me enough to turn them into art!

I’ve created drawings like this before but it would have been when I was in highschool which was now 5 years ago (woah I’m getting older haha) and I never really liked sharing my work. This is why I love blogging so much, I am now proud of what I achieve enough to share it with you guys as you’ll give me honest and kind reactions!

Let’s meet the bloggers for part one shall we?

Adrienne | Beyond the Exterior

Adrienne was the only one of these bloggers who knew I would be drawing them haha! She actually helped convince myself this would be a good series so thank you for that! I met Adrienne through the #bdibNA chat and I’m so glad I did as we now talk on a daily basis, mainly in caps locks as we get overly excited about things like ‘The 100’. 

Jemma | Dorkface

Jemma was one of the first bloggers I started following religiously haha I believe it was through someones bloglovin’ I happened across her. After following on social media, watching her periscope I knew she would be an all time fave. Jemma has done such great things for the blogging community, creating The Girl Gang was amazing! So I thought her doing so much for us the least I can do is draw her haha! (Plus it’s also her birthday so good timing right!)

Alice | AliceRed

Alice is one of my favourite people in the world. (do I sound like a fangirl? Oh well haha) She’s very kind and fantastic at what she creates. Her blog and videos are amazing! She has been there for me on multiple occasions and helps me more than she knows. This is just a mini way to thank you Alice!
Dora | A drop of indigo 

Dora is aDORAble (yes I went there haha). She has been one of the hosts for #bdibNA and only recently stopped. But I m super glad I found that chat because of her. She has been a ray of light and energy and is funny and smart all in one. Plus she bring out awesome #ootd and creates cute gifs while doing so haha.

Charline | Charline has a blog

Another blogger I’ve been following since I started my own blog! Charline has been an incredible blogger friend. I consider her a big part of myself learning how to blog and she has also been there for me on multiple occasions. Just a lot of love to Charline! Plus she has started with music again so I would really recommend checking her out! Multi-talented this one!

–     –     –     –     – 

When starting this project I knew I wanted a popart feel, but I could see my style of art come forward more than what I was trying to replicate. Which I’m glad for. I’m sure I can only get better from here (if I do forgive me you five for being the trial ;P) It was also one of my goals for the year to create more art, which you’ll see through both my art journal and pop art series this year

I have at least 15 or so more bloggers that I want to create. But if any of you were interested, would you be up for commissions? I’d love to be able to create these for those wanting to use them on their blog but due to the time it takes and scheduling I’d be wanting to charge a small fee of $15. This money would go all towards my Europe trip as well.  

Let me know what you think below please! 

Also check out these awesome bloggers! I’ve linked them all above!

Love Always,