Moo Burger | Review

I’m eating more sweet potato while writing this so I think this is a splendid time to rave about one of my new favourite lunch spots! My friend Alyssa first introduced it to me when we were stuck on a lunch idea. Tucked away from the main street this little burger place made me feel like I stepped into diner heaven haha, Moo burger is now one of my go to lunch date places!

The aesthetics and atmosphere of Moo burger (look at that alliteration ;P) make you feel like you’ve stepped into a indie vintage diner. The walls are covered in drawings made by family’s all cow related, they are super cute and give it that friendly atmosphere. I even saw a BB8 inspired cow drawing 10 points for you kid haha!

Its a seat yourself and walk up to counter establishment, which I personally prefer. It allows you to take your time on the menu and not have the awkwardness of a waiter standing around. Nothing to do against waiters just that my group of friends never stop talking and are super bad at decisions so it can take up to 1/2 – 1 hour to order, it’s bad. So the walk up ordering helps with this.  

The food is sensational. I don’t give that lightly. Burgers are a big thing for me so they need to be cooked perfectly, have good portions, be a tad messy and include a pineapple option. Moo burger does all of that. I’ve been to so many places that have never even thought of having pineapple in their kitchens. This is the key element to my burger taste so Moo burger does me proud. 

Sweet potato chips. 

Since discovering sweet potatoes could be made into chips instead of just the usual roast I died a little inside. I have ordered them in every establishment I can and Moo burger is the top 2 of sweet potatoes in chip form. They have the perfect texture, crunch and softness. They are a good size, never burnt and always the most gorgeous colour! 

The menu included both meat and vegetarian options so all friends can join, Alyssa is vegetarian and enjoys all their options! There is different sides to choose from as well plus a whole range of drinks. Sodas, juice, alcoholic beverages and milkshakes. I get the Mooteaser milkshake which is basically a chocolate milkshake on drugs aka it has maltesers in it! 

I’d recommend this for any lunch time chill sessions when you want a good feed and a nice chat with friends. I hope you enjoyed a little different blogging style from me. I’ve always wanted to do a food/restaurant review so wanted to try it out with Moo burger! Let me know what you think!

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Are you a sweet potato fan? Where’s your favourite place to grab a burger?

Love Always,