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Lush Haul duo! This time bigger and better! A mix of re-buys and new trys because lets face it I’ve become a Lush Addict. I can’t help it I walk past the shop and before I know it I’m inside with a basket full of new bath bombs. I’m trying to use all of these before I buy any more seeing as my new house may not even have a bath plus I need to save those dollars for Europe!

Group One | 

Intergalactic | Has been on my list for a while, I’m just keen to see all the colours and how they interact with the water. I’m into anything that looks like space and has glitter in it, cause who doesn’t want that in a bath? 
Smell: Strong, musky florals.
Colour: Glittered deep kingfisher blue (aka my fave) with mixes of white, pink and yellow.
Re-Buy or Try: Trying this for the first time!  

Yoga Bomb | Picked it up because of it‘s colour and because the name. Hey if I’m gonna try getting into yoga again I need a bath bomb to set the mood right?
Smell: Ripe Oranges, Rich
Colour: A gorgeous pale orange.
Re-Buy or Try: Again a new one on my list!  

Dragons Egg | If you mention dragons I’m there! Add it with a bath bomb and its a win-win. Plus heard a lot of good things about this bath bomb.
Smell: Sweet, a candy store.
Colour: White with splotches of pale yellow and pink.
Re-Buy or Try: A re-buy as I liked the first time I used it but I had a fiasco and accidentally let the plug out about 15 minutes in without realizing so good bye bath haha. Keen to give it a proper try!

Avobath | Avocados are all the range so why not have a bath bomb inspired by one? I recently tried this the other day and it was so very relaxing! Makes your skins super smooth and the smell is so fresh and calming!
Smell: Fresh and clean.
Colour: Pale green.
Re-Buy or Try: A new one but already given it a go and would re-buy!

Group Two |

Sakura Bath Bomb | Bought due to it’s beautiful colouring! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out and if it has any hidden surprises.
Smell: Floral, Sweet, smells like spring.
Colour: Pale pink, with flashes of vibrant magenta and blue.
Re-Buy or Try: Trying for the first time.

Melting Marshmallow | Super sweet things give others headaches, they give me an addiction.
Smell: Sugar factor.
Colour: Marshmallow pink.
Re-Buy or Try: A new one to my collection.

Floating Island | This is one of the nicest things on your skin, I come out super smooth and its so relaxing! The smell once it hits hot water as well is like wrapping yourself up in happiness.
Smell: Rich, Vanilla.
Colour: I’d call it a dirty white hahaha
Re-Buy or Try: A re-buy!

Sex Bath Bomb | I really loved this one first time round. I love how the flower turns into petals on the water. Plus it’s a great one to just chill in while watching YouTube.
Smell: Strong, lavender, floral.
Colour: Pink and purple mix.
Re-Buy or Try: Re-buy. I want to give this one another go!

Rose Jam Bubbleroon | I wanted to grab one of the valentines day specials plus it is unlike any smell I’ve picked up before so a whole new experience waiting to happen. 
Smell: Musky, deep rose, would probably put Dorothy asleep.
Colour: Rose pink. 
Re-Buy or Try: A new grab.

Group Three |

HoneyBee | The name honey bee is so cute plus even though I hate the taste of honey (I know sorry haha) I love the smell! I can only imagine how nice this will be in a hot bath!
Smell: Sweet, Creamy, Honey.
Colour: Grey/white with stripes of yellow.
Re-Buy or Try: A new try.

SpaceGirl | This bath was one of my first ever trys from Lush so when I saw it in stock I grabbed it again. Literally turns the bath into a galaxy of glitter. So one of the coolest baths you will ever have!
Smell: Sugar, Sweet, a hint of musk to it.
Colour: Purple but covered in pink and red splatters of glitter.
Re-Buy or Try: A re-buy for the epicness.

BrightSide | BUBBLES EVERYWHERE. If you want a bath to make you feel awake and like a little kid again this is the bath bomb for you!
Smell: Citrus, Orange, Fruit bowl.
Colour: A swirl of different shades of orange.
Re-Buy or Try: Re-buy!

–     –     –     –     –

Let me know which one you think I should try next! Which is your favourite from above?

Love Always,