Haul | Beauty

The end of a spending ban means looking at that wishlist and going on a mini shopping spree! I love sharing with you all what I get because you give awesome advice on how to use the products! So here is my April mini beauty haul! 

Let’s start with keeping our face clean and fresh (for all the makeup that will come later haha) with the skincare

Biore Galore

Self Heating Mask | I finally found it while it was in stock! To be honest if it had been in stock during my spending ban I would’ve taken it there and then. But I’ve finally got my hands on it, I used it just before writing this, the heat was great but not harsh on the skin like some heat masks/facials are. I felt super clear and clean afterwards as well. I can see this becoming a favourite!

Baking Soda Pore Cleanser | Yes the charcoal cleanser was amazing but I had to try the baking soda range as well. I could feel the charcoal one doing the work but I’ve cleared up REAL GOOD since using this one as well so this might be my main cleanser. It also isn’t harsh on my skin, which I was worried about as people with similar (I’m sometimes sensitive) skin types couldn’t use it everyday.

Make Up Remover Wipes | Since wiping off my makeup before I wash it off in the shower I feel like I have helped my skin a lot more. I read on someones blog (sorry I can’t remember!) that if you go into the shower with make-up on, when the heat opens your pores the make-up and dirt sink into them. So I wanna avoid that at all costs!

Charcoal Pore Mini-miser | Seeing as I swapped my charcoal cleanser to try the baking soda one I still wanted a charcoal based wash in my routine. You only use this 2-3 times a week and it just helps minimize pores which is a must for me ATM! It feels amazing after you use it to!

–     –     –     –     –

Australis Make-up

Highlighter | A new brand, a new make-up product. I haven’t bought from Australis before but I was recommended it by a friend. When I bought it home my sister also mentioned it was a really popular brand so win! I haven’t worn highlighter before but I have a lot of fun adding this into my make up routine!

Eye Shadow Primer | Again a new product. I have been wanting a primer for my eyelids since getting into eyeshadow. So I’m glad I picked this one up!

Spot Primer | I wanted a primer to get rid of pores. My friend mentioned this one would be a close dupe to the smashbox one I wanted so I gave it a try. My pores don’t fully disappear but this one is less oily then what I’ve been using and I feel more moisturized using it so it’s still a plus in my books.

Matte Lip Cream | I saw these and thought why not give them a try. I’m now ADDICTED! I got the colours; ‘Hon-o-loo-loo’ the light shade and the dark one is called ‘Doo-Bai’. I’m in love with them both, will be wearing them often and want to get a heap more colours!

–     –     –     –     –

High End Make-up

Urban Decay Setting Spray | I did it guys. I got it, finally after all this time its in my hands. I saw it in stock grabbed the last bottle on the shelf and smiled all the way home! haha So far it’s been amazing, I’m using it over this month and will then review it near the end so keep an eye out! But it lives up to expectations so far.

Too Faced Chocolate Palette | This was also on my wishlist. I wanted a palette that I could experiment a lot more with but still had a few staple colours that I loved. Plus one that would last a long time. Friends rave over this palette so I joined the club. Plus it SMELLS like chocolate so that wins me over every time haha!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer | So you know how above I got the other primer as I couldn’t afford this one. Well I may have walked in only to grab the too faced palette but walked out with this as well… whoops? Not whoops, I’m so keen to use this, it feels like heaven! *fingers crossed* it works just as well and is worth the money.

–     –     –     –     –

Do you own any of the above? What do you think of them? Anything that you didn’t love or think I should try instead? Let me know!

Love Always,