First Birthday | Events with Rai

A year has passed. Woah. It feels like yesterday I was writing this post just mentioning the arrival of my friends baby Mason. But alas it has been a whole year since! Nearly to the day I wrote the post and here I am now dedicating a post to this beautiful little boy! 

Mason turning one was a great occasion! Sam did an excellent job with a Hawaii themed party. Just imagine a million little babies and toddlers running around in grass skirts and flower t-shirts. AKA one of the cutest sights ever! 

My outfit went a bit on the festival side, I wore my yellow flowered wrap around dress, a flower crown and black boots. Makeup I went dark purple on the eyes, a bit of blush and a nude pink lip. Pretty chuffed with how it turned out!

The food looked to good to eat! I love bright colours and anything that pops so the cake and cookies were *heart eyes*

 Mason is a bubbly, chatty, excitable kid. He hardly complains or cries which is a god send haha. He puts everything in his mouth and took a first step last week. He will soon be running around in no time. It’s amazing watching kids grow. I was only just learning how to hold a tiny wee baby, now it’s second nature. I play games with him, talk with him (while he watches with a “could you like not talk to me right now” face haha) and take care of him when I notice Sam needs a little rest. 

I am so proud of Sam and how she has provided for Mason. Watching both of them grow and to see her love for him will always be amazing to me. 

While Mason has learnt how to crawl, stand up, eat and everything else kids do in so little amount of time. I’ve had one of the most struggling years of my life yet. 

 At an event like this you see how much there is to celebrate. Not only was I celebrating Mason and Sam, I was celebrating a year of lows and how I managed to keep moving on. While Mason was learning how to crawl, I was figuratively in the mud crawling alongside him. 

It kinda makes me laugh because in the same post where I talked about his birth I also excitedly say I’m starting a new job. I thought I was getting my life back together and would only have highs. I’m still glad it was a tough year. I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. But I’m hoping I’ll have more highs this time round. 

Mason’s life will only get better, stronger and lead to more curiousness. I want to join him in that journey at two different stages of our lives. 

–     –     –     –     –

So this post was a mix wasn’t it! A bit of fashion, events and a whole lot of ramble! I like sometimes just sitting down and letting my brain take over while just typing it all out! I missed having a few posts like this! 

I hope you all enjoyed! I had a great time. It was fun being surrounded by kids and letting myself turn into one again. You forget how much you love kid party food and games. Heck! We even went onto the jungle gym and had a slide!

Let me know what you miss about parties you had when you were little. Have you been to any first birthday party’s lately? What was it like!

Love Always,