Black Out Poetry | Books

Don’t you love posts that come to life with no prior initiation or thought? Heck I wasn’t even gonna have a post ready for tonight. I was stressed and tired so couldn’t write. Therefore I turned to art, when I didn’t feel like drawing I said “hey maybe you should try black out poetry and see what happens” here’s the results. 

Short, simple. Meaningful? Only you can decide. 

1; “He looked expressionless”

“Quite right.”


“Look. Look.” I whisper.

2; Unfortunate, catching conversation

that clusters in gentle pretend


3; ‘Young. Fair. Alone.’

her past slowly thought.

Swore into nonsense.  

Notice the living,

starting to fade.

Small. Same. Senseless.

4; “Please stay happy,

Good. Wrong.


I smiled.


5; “Pretend I charm you.”

Satisfied hearts make the next move.

The edge.

A moment together.


Physical. Natural.

Constantly breaking,


“What could you do to me?”

6; True Consent.

Plunges. Piercing. Impaled.

illusion bloodied of hearts.

I, its lesson. 

–     –     –     –     –

So, there’s that. Tell me what you think! Share any blackout poetry you’ve created! I’d love to know if you enjoyed this haha!

Love Always,

 A few have asked what books and pages I used and said it would be a cool idea to share these to see what others come up with. So, if you have these books flip to these pages and write your own poetry in the comments or make a blog post and link me so I can see! 

Poems 1-2 | Me before you. Pages 210,211
Poem 3 | The Name of the Wind. Page 474
Poem 4 | Paper Towns. Page 107  
Poems 5-6 | The Night Circus. Pages 212,213