Art Journal #3 | Art

Mermaids are nearly every girls dream. I don’t think there was ever a day when I didn’t want to be a mermaid. Being my favourite magical creature I had to include mermaids into my art journal. I came up with what materials I wanted as soon as I knew they would be part of it. So I went to work!


Materials | I knew I wanted it to be full of sparkles, green or blue and give off a watery moving feel. I used sequins, glitter glue, water colour paints, and cellophane. All these worked perfectly with each other to create the mood I was going for in the mermaids tail.

Story | Mermaids to me are mysterious and dangerous creatures but with great beauty. Strong powerful tails that shine and glide through the water. The end of the tail floating and fluid, so the cellophane came to mind first. I knew it would be clear enough to look like it was in water but add the colour I wanted. I played around with many ways to place it down but what worked best was what happened below. There are three layers of the tail so when you open to the page it look like she could be moving it out into reality. 

Then the scales came into place. Sequins were my first choice. I knew somewhere in my mind they would look awesome layered to create the same effect as scales. At first I was gonna cover the whole tail but then my sister suggested just cover little sections. I’m glad I took her advice I feel like covering the whole tail would over power it. The sequins were also great at looking like a kind of armour, which is what it is technically for to protect the flesh underneath, but it also reinforced the idea of the power a mermaid has with her tail. 

Glue, I could’ve done the normal thing and bought the normal stuff to place this all down but then I saw the glitter glue beside it, it was green and shiny so guess what my hand went for instead haha. The glitter perfectly represents the mermaid reflecting light when swimming along the ocean. So it ended up completing it well. 

She has a great magical shine to her.

    –     –     –     –

Voila! Mermaids will always be part of my life. I still remember shouting at my grandma around 5 years old that “I just saw a mermaid Grandma, there! Her tail came out of the water!” Still clear to this day, of course every adult tried to convince me it was a dolphin or diver, but being the stubborn girl I am I stood with what I saw. (Does this make me a loon? Oh well ;P.) I also remember hoping with all my being that on my 16th birthday I would touch water and have a tail, yeah I was THAT person haha. So this page meant a lot and I hope you enjoy it!

What is your favourite magical creature? If you could be a mermaid what tail colour would you pick? Discuss below! 

Love Always,