A-line Autumn | #OOTD

Autumn is a weird time in Australia, super hot one moment then raining the next. I saw this 3/4 jacket and fell in love. Apparently a lot of my style is work wear based because I can see myself wearing this to a trendy office haha! It took a while to decide what to wear it with, after buying a striped shirt (one of the most comfortable things I now own, I want 50) an eureka moment happened. My true love, A-line skirt. Trying it on went perfectly and i can see myself adding thigh high socks to this look for winter!

 What I’m Wearing

Shirt | Dotti

A-line skirt | Dotti

3/4 Jacket | Dotti

Boots | Rubi 

Necklace | Tree of Life 

I love the different textures and patterns on the outfit as well. It’s something that you might not think would suit together but then try on and BAM it’s like they were made to be together.

A real 70’s office feel with a Modern Parisian twist. 

That’s how I’m gonna spin it anyway! 

–     –     –     –     –

What textures and patterns do you love mixing and matching? Where would you wear the outfit to? Plus just let me know what you think!

Love Always,