Terrarium Workshop | Events with Rai

Midnight shopping sprees usually mean a last minute ASOS haul or accidental e-bay buy. For me it apparently means paying for a terrarium workshop! 

I was scrolling through face-book when I saw that one of my friends had marked it as “interested” I followed the link read the page and it said only the first 20 would get into the workshop. I immediately wrote my details down, then drifted into a sleep to forget about it the next day. 

Until I got the phone call that is, a vision of a half asleep Rai popped back into my head, laughing I agreed to my spot, made the payment and awaited the day! I have been wanting to make my own terrarium for about a year now but never knew how to get started. This course was perfect. I got all the materials given to me, was shown the steps involved and the course gave me the instructions I needed so I could be confident enough to go off and make many more by myself!

The event was hosted by Flower Power, they have stores all over Sydney so if you’re in town check them out! It’s absolutely gorgeous in their stores, way more than just a garden centre. The layouts are breathtaking, there’s a little cafe and it was photograph heaven! I wish I could’ve stayed back to take photos but I was rushing out the door to head to work afterwards! 

The workshop started with a brief history of terrariums while everyone started to arrive. I arrived as our teacher was explaining how terrariums started by a scientist wanting to discover more about a particular moth, he put it inside a glass container and the plants around the unhatched moth started to make their own eco-system! Apparently terrariums also started in Australia! How cool is that. 

Then it was time to get our hands dirty and go to town. We were told basic instructions but apart from that we were let loose to let our imaginations run wild!

Layers will become my new best friend; 
– Rocks
– Charcoal
– Moss
– Soil
– Plants
Repeat. I have a feeling I’m gonna be spending a load of money making a lot of these fellas! We also learnt how to clean out the glass, how to wrap rocks, wood and so on with moss and what to look for if the plants are unhealthy. It was a great starters workshop all in all. I would love to go to another one and learn more.

It really was just the first few stepping stones. I have A LOT to learn and a lot of experimenting to do.

It’ll be heaps of fun though! Along the way I want to play around with different plants, set ups and containers. Let’s see what I can create! First however let’s see how well I keep this one alive. I still don’t know if I have that green thumb my brain really wants me to have. I blame reading ‘The Secret Garden’ over and over again!

So there’s my terrarium! We got to pick out 5 plants each, while everyone had a more minimal and cohesive design, I grabbed all the plants with awesome patterns, colours and what would look great in a magic forest. Let’s be honest I just wanted to make my own magic forest to escape to. Don’t blame me, blame all the fictional books I’ve grown up reading haha!

I hope to get little mini figurines to wander about this terrarium! How cute would that be!

Let me know what you think. Do you have a terrarium? How do you best look after it? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments!

Love Always,