Spending Ban | RaiRambles

read correctly, this month I’m starting a spending ban so I can
hopefully save a lot more for all the events I’m saving for this year.
January and February wiped me out money wise, with a lot of shopping
sprees and RTXAU I spent A LOT of money. I’ve decided I need to step
back from spending and use March to save. I’ll be heading to New Zealand
next month, I have Supanova to save for and the cream of the crop
Europe. So I need the extra savings haha

–     –     –     –     –

Clothes and Shoes | Should be easy except for the fact its end of season sales and my favourite You Tuber’s RoosterTeeth have their #MarchMerch which is new merch released every week *shrieks*. I’ve told everyone I can to NOT let me give into this. Do you know how many times I’ve accidentally logged onto ASOS in the past three days? Too many times. I will be stopped! Also as my leather boots broke and winter is coming (GOT is in my head) I’m gonna have to hope I don’t need new ones for a while!

Makeup | Since getting into makeup I’ve been buying it non-stop. I know that this is where a lot of my money starts to disappear, it may not seem like much at the time but I can see how a whole month of buying a few bits here and there can put a huge dent in the purse!

Chocolate |
My biggest weakness. I will buy chocolate everyday when there is an
opportunity. The hardest part will be for work as it is what I snack on.
I will eat a whole family packet of chocolates myself, so, I’ve got to
buy just one and separate it there and then into portions to last me
longer than a day. Doing this will save me so much in the long run!

Books |
I’m going to avoid bookstores. That is the only possible way. I buy WAY
too many books and I already having a growing list. It will be hard but
worth it in the long run!

–     –     –     –     –

What will I exclude from the ban?
Face wash | which is a necessary cost (in my mind).
Dinners or movies with friends | One of my goals was to hang out with them a lot more this month so I will allow myself a meal or two! 
Travel | This is both buses to get to work and anything to do with New Zealand (passport etc)

So there you have it, let’s see if I have what it takes to minimize my spending for a whole month!  

Let me know if you’ve been on a spending ban before, what was it like, do you have any helpful tips?

Love Always,