January to March | Favourites

A favourites post! Yes I’m finally doing them! At first I wasn’t because I don’t even know how people swap favourites every month! Then I decided that I could do it quarterly, still often, but enough time that allows me to try and like new things! I’ll be looking at more than just beauty, however, if I hadn’t of narrowed it down that could’ve been a post in itself! So ta-da! Here‘s my January to March favourites.

Seeing as beauty is the biggest part of this post lets start there;

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation | I’ve been through a few foundations, I wish I could go for all those expensive high end products that would probably do wonders for me, but for now I have this! It took me ages to find a foundation that gives me coverage but doesn’t dry me out! I had another one that worked well for about a week coverage wise and then it started drying my skin and you could see the dryness when you put it on. GROSS haha. I don’t have to put much of this foundation on, a little goes a long way and I don’t dry out! I’m in the colour ‘Ivory’.

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush | I only started using blush for the first time in February. I wish I had used it sooner! Before I was only using foundation so I looked pretty 2D, this blush wakes me up and put more definition back into my face. It’s also a light colour so I don’t get scared applying it, so great for beginners. It’s also a cream blush, which was less scary for me than powdered blush! I use the colour ‘Just-Pinched Pink’.

Biore Charcoal Cleanser | You all know how I love this product if you read my review here. As you can kind of see in the picture above the bottle is at it’s last ends! I’ve nearly finished it! You will probably see more from Biore next favourites as well!

NYX Love In Paris Eyeshadow | My first ever eye shadow palette and I bought it for Halloween haha! I ended up loving how I did my eyes that I decided to just go ahead and try different combos from the palette. I ended up loving playing around with it and now don’t ever really leave the house without eyeshadow. This palette has great pigment and is mixes of my essential colours, browns, golds, highlights. There’s a few pink tones as well plus I use the darkest colour to fill my eyebrows so I get two for one! I have the colours ‘Merci Beaucoup’.

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub | Also another product I’ve already reviewed on the blog, see here. The smell, the use, the longevity. All in all a fantastic product!
Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara | My all time favourite mascara since using mascaras! I know everyone has there preferred Maybelline Mascaras, I’ve tried a few but they’ve always seemed too clumpy. I actually saw my sister using this one so I bought my own and fell in love. I get length and volume with out the clump, plus it has two wands. One for the top lashes and a smaller one for the bottom. It’s fantastic I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon!

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Binge by Tyler Oakley was probably my favourite new read for these first months. I wasn’t expecting to love the book as much as I did which is why I think it stuck with me so much! I did a better review of the book here. To summarize you learn a lot about Tyler, how he got where he is, how he got through struggles and rough patches, plus a lot more of his personality and true self came across to me reading the book than what I get from his YouTube channel. Which I admired!

Honorable mentions also go to my re-read of The Simple Gift‘ and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ which I am reading now but doesn’t quite make the list as I’m not even half way through whoops haha but enjoying it nonetheless.  

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RTXAU pretty sure you know how much fun I had at this event. Was one of the highlights of my life, and probably will be the best time I have this year! I saved up a lot to make it the best ever. I got to go to the movie premiere read here. I then proceeded to meet A LOT of people who I admire whom I have been watching for about 7+ years now. AH-MAZING. If you want more details and a picture of me the happiest you will see me while in Ryan’s arms read here.

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Tom Rosenthal | Ever since re-discovering Tom in yet another Will video, and Alice mentioning him, I’ve listened to him NON-STOP. I just spotify him and have him playing for every mood. I love his music plus he has also started little videos/vlogs on his channel which are super cute and have him playing a song at the end. I’d recommend checking them out!

Zara Larsson | Seeing as Tom’s songs are very Indie and mellow I decided to put up a song I love to dance to. Whenever I hear Zara’s ‘Lush Life’ I wanna get up and dance. I love a song with a great beat.

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There we go! My first ever favourites post and it was actually really fun to write

Let me know what you’ve been loving so I can go out and find some new happily ever afters! 

Love Always,