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I first tried this product as a sample I had received while volunteering at an event. It came in one of those too small packets (that takes me forever to get into by the way, I’m so weak!) and left me wanting a whole lot more! So I went out and got a whole lot more! 

What grasped my attention first was the ingredient, charcoal? My brain went straight to charcoal as a drawing tool I was impressed that I could use this material on my face! I read into it and charcoal acts like a magnet that attracts dirt so it removes it up from the pores, which hey I’m all for!
What I noticed when I first put the product on my skin was how it warmed up once I started rubbing it in, it was so soothing and it was like I could feel the product doing its job and getting all the dirt and excess product off my face! The face wash feels great on the skin and leaves it soft and smooth afterwards. 

So far it has been great at keeping all the pimples I get around my forehead at bay, they are getting smaller and smaller which is a good sign! It is doing its job so it looks like I won’t be changing brands for quite a while! Its that lovely time of the month however so I break our around my chin no matter what I use (is this an overshare? I don’t care it happens haha) so I’ll be looking forward to this getting rid of them fast!  

Biore really got my attention with this product, once my spending ban is over I’m going to look more closely at their other products. Ones that I will be interested in the future include;

Self heating mask | From their charcoal collection, plus I love products that heat up my face! (fire cannot kill a dragon)
Ice Cleanser | This product says it is a blemish fighter and the name ‘Ice cleanser’ just sounds new and interesting, I’d like to see if all the good reviews I’ve read are true and it can banish my blemishes
Warming black head cleanser | Again another product that heats up! I would like to try this just around my nose as I can get covered with blackheads at times. 

I have also heard so much about the new baking soda products from Biore but I can’t seem to find them anywhere! I guess they haven’t been bought to Australia yet or I am just extremely blind haha!

Let me know if you got a baking soda product from Australia! Have you tried Biore what was your review?

Love Always,

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