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Art journals have started popping up everywhere I go lately. I see them on blogs, pinterest and instagram. It’s as if I can’t escape, but I don’t want to, I can’t get enough! I’ve seen so many great pages and as I‘ve wanted to draw more this year and create more art, I’ve been inspired enough to make my own!

This blog has been lacking lately on the arty, creating side and it’s one of the areas I wanted to include from the conception of my blogging life. Given the whole ‘Expression, Creativity, Growth’ being my blog motto. I feel an art diary will be my way to express myself through creative means and to grow my skills. 

So viola! A new series is born; my art journal.

So first let’s get into who inspired me. Yes I was inspired my the multitude of pages I was seeing but it was three bloggers in particular who made me want to try it myself! 

Found Some Paper | Uli first inspired me, and taught me with her blog post, how to start an art Journal. She inspired me just to go for it and start. I was just waiting for a specific moment in time to start, she made me realise I didn’t need one, I just needed to give it a go! 

Noor’s Place | Noor is a new love of mine, I cannot get enough of her blog and I’m so glad I found it. Alongside her sister who you will meet next I’ve never rushed to a blog faster, read every new post and wanted to comment. These sisters have skills. Noor recently posted an instagram picture saying how she started every page with her name. So that inspired me to have my first page be all about me! It suited the journey me thinks!

Not Your Type of Blog | Areeba’s blog is like Noor’s I can’t get enough! Another girl who is kicking ass with her creativity and blog. Seeing the journal Areeba creates is so cool! I love her art style and where she gets inspiration from. She even has fandom pages so I can relate A LOT to those. Hello fangirl me haha!

–     –     –     –     –


Materials | Mixed Media; I knew I wanted to make a collage for this page, but also include some writing and a few drawings. The majority is a collage cut out from a few magazines I had laying around. The rest is a mix of pens I use for my colouring in books.

Story | I think a collage is suitable, as a person we are made up of different layers of who we are the collage reflects this. I sketch little shapes all the time so I decided to use this in a way to draw symbols that resonate with myself. I have the Capricorn signs, as I saw the Capricorn in the magazine and had to put it on the page. Plus it’s in green lettering so I’m grabbing those Slytherin colours! Other colours I used were my favourites Orange and blue, the blog colours.

I have a tree, for my love of trees, tree of life necklace and to show my element which is Earth. I have my personal symbol which I’ve had since the start of this blog; the Koru. It is to represent a fern leaf, which shows growth and life. It helped with the motto of the blog! Then the Triskelion which is another favourite of mine, similar to the Koru except for the fact I discovered it via Derek Hale on Teen Wolf. So its the representation of my Irish background, my fangirl background and my love for Derek and Hale pack. (you can laugh its all good haha!)

Then I decided to just write, any words that came to mind. Word vomit if you will of all the things my brain decided that at the time represented me. I haven’t read it back both due to fear of embarrassment and because I don’t usually read back personal thoughts as they are kept preserved in the time I did them. I’m a werido! 

I used the picture of the door as I look to new opportunities and  doorways in life, but had the clouds behind them as I do keep my head in the clouds at times plus aren’t they just pretty? haha

–     –     –     –     –

So there we have it page one! It was so relaxing and therapeutic so I’m keen for making new pages! I already have a few ideas in mind so stay tuned! I hope you all like this kind of post I’m excited to see how I develop, what art styles I use and what I can come up with creativity wise! 

Let me know if you have an art journal! Do you have any links to prompts? Where do you get inspiration from? Any favourite pages? Link me and comment below! 

Love Always,


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