Angus & Julia Stone | Events with Rai

It’s that time of year again where the best surfers and skaters come together at Manly Beach for the annual ‘Australian Open of Surfing’ competition. I trekked it down last year for their music stage for a chance to see Vane Joy live, who I coincidentally also saw perform when he opened for Taylor Swift.

This year it was the gorgeous Angus and Julia Stone which I was willing to do anything to see live. Even brave being surrounded by a heap of crazy drunk teenagers haha! I’ve missed out on seeing them live on multiple occasions so to see them for free and where they actually grew up and started to perform music was amazing!

I met up with my friends at the food trucks, I was already in love with the atmosphere. The laid back nature of the event with all the surfers hanging around reminds me of my childhood! We grabbed some pizza then sat down at the stage to get a good spot for when the music started.

The first act up on stage was a girl called ‘Kita Alexander‘ I hadn’t heard of her music before but as I had found new artists to love from last years event I was keen to listen and experience new sounds. She did not disappoint. Her laid-back style and persona made me relaxed and able to unwind. Her music was definitely surf inspired, with mixes of electronica and indie beats. 

Then it was time for the main event! Angus and Julia Stone! I’ve been in love with their music since I was probably 15 years old. They started to get more and more popular with songs like ‘Big Jet Plane‘ and more recently ‘Heart Beats Slow‘. I’ve been more of a fan of their old stuff listening to ‘Bella‘ and ‘Just a boy on repeat.

‘Bella’ was probably one of the reasons I fell head over heels in love with Angus, plus he was “like totally really cute okay!” *teenage fangirl shriek* haha. I fall hard for indie singers with great voices, hey what can I say? I just gravitate towards it ;P. There was no disappointment hearing them in real life. Their voices were just as great if not better than recordings and they had great relaxed stage presence that made it feel like I was just jamming out with friends. I could’ve listened to them for a few more hours!

Wrapping it up we headed off to grab some dinner, and chill out before heading home. I love events like this where you can just hang out with friends, enjoy some music and food and chill out after a stressful few weeks. Makes you appreciate how music brings people together. 

 Have you heard Angus and Julia Stone? Do you enjoy Indie music as much as I do? Do you think Angus is “so totally good looking” haha? Let me know in the comments! 

Love Always,