10 products on my wishlist | Beauty

My spending ban will be finishing up in just a few days! I am dying to buy some makeup again. Plus a wishlist has been forming in my head non-stop! So of course I had to share my beauty needs with you. A lot of these I will be saving up for, I don’t think I could ever get them all at once but I’ve seen them recommended a lot recently and want to give a try. So here are 10 products I’d love to buy, once I’m allowed to spend my money again haha.

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Real Techniques Beauty blender | Only reason this is on the list is because mine got way to gross and I had to chuck it haha. I need a new one ASAP! It was my life, made foundation use 100% easier, plus it’s orange and you know I need more orange in my life!

Smash-box primer | I saw this product when Ingrid used it in one of her tutorials she said it was one of her favourites so I tried some of it out when I went in store next. OMG it felt amazing! It looked amazing! It was a bit expensive compared to what I’m used to but I feel like it will be totally worth it. Looking forward to using this one!

Urban Decay Setting Spray | This product is raved about non stop wherever I go! There’s nothing I want more than to make sure my makeup stays A-okay throughout the day. Again more on the expensive side but the constant good reviews makes the product seem very worth it.

Biore Charcoal Mask | If you read my Biore Cleanser review you‘ll know I‘ve been lusting over their whole range and that the heat up mask is a must! I love anything that adds heat to my face, I find as it opens up my pores wider it gives my face a deeper clean. Plus the cleanser is working so well I want to grab more of their charcoal range!  

The Balm Bahama Mama | I’ve been using the same bronzer since I was about 17 haha! So I guess it‘s time for a new one. My friend Alyssa got this at the end of last year. It both bronzes and contours plus she said it was amazing on her fair skin. Being very pale myself I added it to my wishlist to try out.

Soap & Glory Just Bright concealer | I saw this concealer during a Lucy and Lydia video. I’ve got very dark circles under my eyes, via genetics, all my family do. Normal concealer is a help but this purple one counteracts the dullness and brightens it. I could use all the help I can get and it looked amazing when Lucy used it so it went straight onto my wishlist!

Soap & Glory All is Calm concealer | Again I saw this one in the same Lucy and Lydia video. I have red undertones, so I always have a few red patches here and there. I already have a green concealer however I find it very heavy and hard to blend. Watching their video the soap and glory one looked effortlessly easy to blend into the skin, so I will be buying this ASAP!

Lush Bath Bombs | I’ve spent a month not buying lush bath bombs. It has been torture! I still have about 10 to use, which I should do a haul on haha but a girl can never have to many bath bombs to pick from! This intergalactic one looks aca-amazing!

Real Techniques brush cleansing palette | To be honest I just need to give my brushes a good clean don’t I? haha A palette is just what I need! I think at one point I even used battery packaging to clean my brushes. Hey, don’t judge the grooves worked just fine! But a softer surface might be nicer to my brushes in the long run.

Two Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette | I asked my friend Jeanette for eye shadow palettes good for newbies that still had a lot of choice colour wise. She listed A WHOLE LOAD. (This woman loves make up haha.) But of course the Chocolate palette caught my eye most! I mean common, it smells like chocolate! I’m all in people.

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Bam! There’s my beauty wishlist that’s just begging to be bought after this spending ban. I think I’ve got a lot of different areas covered. Plus new products to try out. Make-up is becoming a real fun part of my life. I like waking up in the morning and changing a few things here and there and experimenting with it. It’s a lot of fun!

Let me know any products that I should try out! What is on your beauty wishlist?

Love Always,