Summer Lovin’ | Beauty

Summer Lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast! I can’t believe summer is nearing an end already! This is when I start to regret all the things I could’ve done but know I wouldn‘t have as it was too hot to even function haha So I decided that I can still celebrate summer with this make up look, its fresh and bright and perfect for those of you on the other side of the world heading into spring. So win, win right?

Primers | As it is a summer look you need great primers to make sure it doesn’t all melt off in the Aussie heat. This is a number one problem for make up wearers in Australia haha I find we constantly worry about our faces just melting off haha! I start off with the ‘Rimmel Stay Matte Primer’ this is new to my collection I find it really does help keeping the foundation less oily looking and stick to my face, however on hot summer days I do put a bit of ‘Nivea Post Shave Balm‘ (yes I joined the club it really does work!) on afterwards around my T-zone for that extra stay

When I think of summer I think of a radiant glow which is what I get most from my ‘Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and foundation’ They give nice coverage but are also very light and wearable which is what you want on hot summer days. They also have a little sparkle to them which adds that radiant summer glow!
I apply the concealer over my spots with my Real Techniques pointed foundation brush and the foundation with the Blending Sponge. I just find this gives me the best application and blends it nicely into my skin.

I may have a weird order for doing things so bear with, I then set my makeup first before applying the blush and bronzer. haha I’ve just found it works the best for my face! I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which I only dust a light amount over my face with the real techniques buffing brush. If I had a setting spray I would opt for that as for a summer look you still want a bit of glowing foundation rather than a purely matte look! I add the Maybelline Master Glaze Blush in ’10 Just Pinched Pink’ starting at the apples of my cheeks and blending out towards my hair line. Then bronze under the blush a tad at the hairline on my forehead (so it looks like I’ve had some sun) and I like a tad on the tip of my nose haha.

Eyes and eyebrows! I only have one eye shadow palette ‘NYX Love in Paris’. I got it at Halloween last year for my witch look, then realized I loved using shadows haha but I’m too broke to get a few more, so I create all my different looks with these colours. For this look I use;
1| Outer Corner, I love golden tones with glitter in them. This is my favourite on the palette! 
2| Main colour on eye, soft enough for this light summer look.
3| In the crease, to open up my eyes a tad more.
4| Inner corner, to open my eyes up so they look bigger and I look more alive and awake haha!
5| My perfect eyebrow colour: after brushing them into place I use an angled brush to add definition then set them with my ‘Maybelline brow drama mascara in transparent‘.

I finish off with lip balm, a base layer of ‘Keep Mauving‘ and a top layer of ‘Revlon Colourburst in 205 – Elusive’. I need the base layer as I get very chapped lips and find that this matches my normal lip colour (still giving a nice tint) so the colour on top can act it’s best haha! The Mascara is last, I dunno why, I just always do this step last. I use ‘Maybelline the falsies big eyes’ as it has a brush for the upper and lower lashes.

Here is the finished look! The best part is I took these photos before work and the make up lasted me ALL DAY. It was hot, I was moving constantly and it stayed! I may use this look again and will do this primer duo for a while! 


What do you think of this look? What would be your summer must haves?

Love Always,