Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub | Beauty

I’ve heard a lot of people raving about Soap & Glory. My first experience with it wasn’t even that long ago! I was actually back at my friends place just after being at the beach we were getting ready to go out to a party and she said “you just have to use my body scrub, it smells amazing” haha. She was very enthusiastic about it laughing at her I then used it and she was right. I was in love. So I had to go out and buy it myself right? I did, and here’s my review of ‘Smoothie Star breakfast scrub‘.

The Smell | This was the first thing that captured my attention, as soon as I got a whiff I was in love! The first time it smelt like chocolate coffee to me, now owning it I can totally smell the maple syrup goodness mixed with the honey. It does smell like a really good smoothie (hence the name) with pancakes on the side. If there was one downside I wish that that the smell would stay longer. I was expecting it to be like a soap and have the smell linger on my skin after using it however (I’m guessing because it’s a scrub?) the smell doesn’t last that long after you’ve used it. Apart from that it‘s amazing and I would totally eat it if it wouldn’t kill me hahaha!

The Scrub | I find it a great consistency. Maybe if you have overly sensitive skin (aka my sister) I wouldn’t recommend as it really does exfoliate everything, it may just be a tad too rough for sensitive types. I used it mainly on my back and chest to get rid of any dead skin and smooth it out. I haven’t seen any breakouts come up since doing so. I even had my period over this trial time and found that I didn’t get any when I usually do break out! So A+ for that scrub!
 I also used it after shaving my legs and it helped immensely, I was even more smooth to the touch!  As my hair grows super fast (like I literally mean small hairs come back in a day, life hates me haha) I usually do get small hairs back at the end of the day but I was smooth sailing, which really made me happy.

Final thoughts | At $18 a tub you get your moneys worth, it looks like it will be lasting me ages plus it also does a brilliant exfoliating job! I will most definitely be getting this product again. I would also like to try out other products from Soap & Glory. I’d grab the Deep Cleansing Milk as I’ve heard milk does wonders to the skin (milk bath anyone?) I’d also maybe try one of their masks like the No Clogs Allowed, I love a good heat mask.

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Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this scrub or any other product from Soap & Glory. Did you like them? What were your favourites?

Love Always,