RTXAU | Events with Rai

Part two! You saw the Lazer Team premiere now its time to dive into RTXAU the convention! Two days full of jam packed laughs and amazing people. It had a feel of supanova but I seemed much more relaxed. Maybe due to how many conventions I’ve now been to but also due to how amazing the atmosphere was and how I felt like I just, fit. I met new friends, so many guests, went to a few panels and had the time of my life!

Lazer team panel. Left to right: Michael, Gavin, Burnie, Matt, Aaron and Chris.

I’ll start with the panels I was able to get to! I got to listen to my favourite creators talk about all the processes they work through which goes into their content and what happens in their everyday life at work. It’s cool to see how many aspects go into their work so it was overall very inspirational. I also got to see a couple of Let’s plays which was awesome as it was seeing the YouTube videos I love come to life! 

Lazer Team Panel | A look at how they made the movie, their favourite parts and a Q&A from the audience. Was good to watch after seeing the movie the night before.

Achievement Hunter Panel | All the Achievement hunter gang talking about their day to day and a Q&A. Was great seeing the part of RoosterTeeth where I started!

Free Play Panel | Went mainly to see Ryan again. But also was fun hearing about how the series got started. How they figure out details of the show plus they have a lot of fun! Looking forward to watching these!

Social Disorder Panel | Chris and Aaron talking about how they come up with ideas, how it all started, showing behind the scenes and a Q&A. This one really interested me as Aaron and Chris are so into the behind the scenes of it and I love their writing!

Prop Hunt Let’s Play | I love the Prop Hunt let’s plays online and seeing Achievement Hunter VS Funhaus play it live was hilarious!

RWBY Let’s Play | Popped in near the end after seeing guests. Ryan, Michael, Barb and Lindsay playing the new RWBY game.

Above are Meg and my love Ryan at the Free Play Panel! 

–     –     –     –     –

Then it was time to meet everyone! They were all so welcoming and lovely. I loved every single one of them. I always worry when meeting people I look up to, they could be horrible or not want to be there. But you could tell that every single one of them were excited to meet everyone. It was fab! 

People above include; Aaron, Ashley, Burnie, Gavin, Matt and Meg

Above; Adam, Lawrence, James, Chris, Aaron, Bruce, Michael, Lindsay, Millie and Geoff.

–     –     –     –     –

Ryan. The mad king. For all those who don’t know and didn’t see my twitter posts, Ryan is my favourite and I met him many a time. So he gets his own little section here so I can come back to look at it and cry that I’ve met him haha!

 –     –     –     –     –

So as you can probably tell I had an absolute blast. This will probably be one of my favourite posts just so I can look back at it. I did want this blog to also be a diary to me. So future Rai, this was one of the best weekends of your life!

So much so I even went to the Funhaus meetup the next night, then saw Lazer Team again at my local cinema! 

So from Barbara and I, Love Always,