My Perfume Collection | Beauty

I’ve somehow managed over the past couple of years built up a small perfume collection without even realizing. So I wanted to share them all with you and give a mini kind of review on each perfume!

I never used to be one to wear perfume. I just used scented sprays to get me by in highschool haha. It was actually my Granny who got me my first perfume in year 10 I believe, then my parents got me my second in year 12. But it was recently I branched out to others. Now I don’t wait for “special occasions” to wear them. I just pick one to match my mood for each day. Remember it’s all about spoiling yourself each day. Pampering yourself is a step in loving yourself!

Let’s get started shall we! 

Wonderstruck Enchanted | Taylor Swift 

Scent | The smell of this reminds me of her concerts. I wear it each time I go see her live so it gives of a nostalgia scent whenever I get a whiff of it. It is very light with tones of vanilla but grounds you out with its mix of floral and woody smells. Think running through a magical wood towards a magic kingdom and bam you have this perfume. That’s the feeling I get anyway haha! 

Bottle | To carry on the magic theme the bottle is the magic colour purple, looks like a mini potion bottle and has a gold engraved lid. It has shiny spots all over the bottle and has a chain tied to the lid  with a flower, stone, feather and bird on it. Basically a bottle for a fairy queen.

–     –     –     –     –

By Day/For Women | Christina Aguilera 

Scent | To be honest I LOVED her ‘By Night‘ and was searching for that perfume before getting this one. ‘By Night’ was the first perfume I ever got from my Granny so it reminded me of Ireland. However I cannot find it ANYWHERE and I mean anywhere, I don’t think it is sold in Australia any more so *sad face*. ‘By Day’ is the lighter smell of the ‘By Night’. ‘By Night’ was sweeter, hence my love for it. But I’ve grown to love this one and is probably my go to scent when heading to work. This is a less sweet fruity smell. It gives off a mature scent which is why I think I like wearing it to work or important events haha.

Bottle | Clear with black lace. It is the exact same shape as ‘By Night’ (but that one was a red/pink colour from memory, more seductive.) This one is straight to the point matching the mature scent.

–     –     –     –     –

Peach & Mango | Chi Chi

Scent | Scent is in the name. Peach and Mango. My friend Alyssa got it for me for my birthday at the end of last year. I love orange and mangoes and this is the colour and the smell in one so A+ for friendship goals haha. It’s super, super sweet and reminds be of bright summer days at the beach. So you can imagine when I wear it haha

Bottle | It’s orange and pink ombre! Which is an automatic love in my books. Diamond shaped lid and small (fake duh) jewels are encrusted in the top. It’s an adorable little bottle which adds a bit of fun to match the scent.

–     –     –     –     –

Daisy | Marc Jacobs

Scent | Like stepping in a field of daisy’s. For some reason also reminds me of the song ‘Bella‘ by Angus and Julia Stone. (I’m not complaining, it’s one of my favourite songs). I find this a very heavy scent, not in a bad way. Just in a way that stands out and shouts LOOK AT ME! It’s elegant and extravagant hidden in a simple way. I wear this on my confident days or when I’m in a happy and fun mood. I think of summer dresses, indie music and soft glances from loved ones across the room.

Bottle | Probably my favourite. Simple but you want to keep glancing at it. Just like the scent it is simple but makes you do a double take. Clear bottle, soft gold lid with three giant daisy sprouting from the top with gold middles.

–     –     –     –     –

Paris | YSL

Scent | An old wise smell. Think great architecture and hidden spots you find adventuring around Paris. It’s a mix of floral and spices, roses with a woody backdrop. I hope Paris actually smells like this haha. It makes me dream of running around the old city looking for adventure. I wear it when I’m in a curious mood or when I want to feel like a Parisian!

Bottle | Rounded bottle carved like it has grooves of an uncut stone. Frosted glass around its middle and a striking black and pink lid which looks like a button you want to press as if it will open up a secret.

–     –     –     –      –

So there’s my collection! I would love to know what you have in your own perfume collections. Let me know of your favourites and what you think I should try out!

Love Always,