Learning to love yourself | Valentines day

Valentines day has never really stood out to me. I didn’t ever hate it, I tried once or twice in highschool to hate it like every other single girl but to me I didn’t really see the point. Once I got older I decided to make my own tradition of watching the movieValentines Day’ each year (this will be the 5th year!) and treating myself like I’d want to be treated by a loved one.

Lately though I’ve seen a change. I think due to creating this tradition I’ve slowly each year looked forward to valentines, this one I’ve been very excited! This year in particular I’ve seen a change in how I see myself. I’m more accepting in loving myself. I seemed to have gained a lot more self confidence.

I have never been one to love my body or over all presence, keeping to the shadows has been my thing. But I’m starting to accept and love how I look. To love myself. So this post was created, sort of a self portrait love letter to myself.

Valentines is all about loving others, that I think sometimes we forget to love ourselves and take care of number one. Luckily my mum always drilled into me to do so from a young age so I’ve always tried to not be too harsh on myself.
Now don’t get me wrong this is an ongoing and never ending journey. In this day and age with the media blasting their influences everywhere of; WHAT you should look like, HOW you should act and WHO you need to impress. It does a lot of harm to self confidence.

So this Valentines day I want you to not forget to spoil yourself! Somehow that always leads me to a bath and lavish body products haha  

So how do I pamper myself? 

This Valentines I dream of having a bubble bath (preferably with lush’s ‘sex bomb’ because I love a good laugh ;P) putting on my movie and maybe playing some tunes. If I go out Ill put on a favourite make-up look, wear an outfit I love and embrace the day! Then you can come home snuggle up in a robe on your bed while reading a book or some lovely blogs!

To set the tone of how body conscious I was, I’ve never bought a nice bra before. I would literally walk in the store see all these self loving girls shopping, freak out then rush out of the shop. So I finally plucked up the courage asked my friends to help with the nerves and viola these self portraits can now exist. 

Which brings me to sending love out to those apart from myself. My friends without whom I wouldn’t be able to trust in myself as much as I do now. Even going bra shopping which must sound funny to most of you but it was scary as hell for me so having friends that I trust come with me meant the world! 

These self portraits also came into existence as a blogger who (without knowing) gave me the confidence into taking the step and saying “you can rock this!”. If you haven’t seen Jordan’s post look HERE. She helped inspire this shoot! Go give her some Valentines love! (Looking to you fellow Girl Gang members!) 

Learning to love myself is going to be an ongoing and long journey. I’m half have terrified of putting up these pictures and half proud that I’ve gotten to this stage of self acceptance. There will always be things that annoy me about myself, but slowly realizing that these make up who I am is doing wonders.

–     –     –     –     –

I really hope you all liked this post. It was a bit of a challenge for me! I want to wish you all a very happy and love filled Valentines Day! 

Let me know how you treat yourself and how you learn to love and accept who you are!

Love Always,