Lazer Team Premiere | Events with Rai

If you asked me who my top YouTubers were I would say Louise Pentland and Rooster Teeth. Rooster Teeth you may ask? They are a company based in Texas who if I had to put it simply, play video games. They have definitely pushed the barrier though; they have multiple animations including an anime called RWBY, are the creators of RedvsBlue, have made a movie ‘Lazer Team’ and host a variety of talk shows and podcasts. They even do an annual fundraiser to raise money for ExtraLife.

Plus they hold their very own convention: RTX

RTXAU is the first time they have held this event outside of America! My city just happened to be the place they chose! I WAS VERY EXCITED!

But before we can talk about the convention (I am going to be honest and say it will be mostly photos haha) we should talk about Lazer Team. I was lucky enough to grab VIP tickets which meant the Friday night before the convention I was invited to attend the world Premiere of Lazer Team and then go to an after party with all the Rooster Teeth guests! 

–     –     –     –     –

After stressing for weeks about what to wear my friend Kaitie and I fancied up and arrived at the cinema. I was very, very nervous. I was about to meet people who I have been watching online everyday for 6+ years! We were fortunate enough that a lovely group of people whisked us into conversation and BAM we had already made new friends! This was one of my highlights, I was worried I wouldn’t meet anyone new and no one would want to talk to me luckily they did! 

Then the announcement came: “They’re here!”. I almost fainted from stress haha! But bam, there was Ryan’s face walking over to me. I asked him for a hug which he accepted and I died happily ever after. But let’s move on haha! I saw Barbara, Gus and then Chris appeared. After saying hey he then said “I remember you” which a) killed me because he remembered me and b) killed me because half of me didn’t want him to, as the last time we met I accidentally blurted out “I love you” hahaha (You can see me first meet Chris HERE)

We decided to sit down and after Matt, Burnie and Gavin (who made a surprise appearance) talked about the movie it was time to eagerly watch ‘Lazer Team’! Lazer team is a Sci-fi comedy and it was amazing, you can watch the trailer HERE. What was so good about it, is that it wasn’t made purely for the Roosterteeth community. People who have never even watched their content could happily watch and enjoy the film. Which I think was a great move on their part in expanding their audience. 

 –     –     –     –     –

Then was the amazing after party. It was basically being able to hang out with friends. Well that’s the feeling they all gave me anyway. It was as if we weren’t all strangers and could just chat. Lindsay also remembered me (from 2 years ago!), Elyse was absolutely lovely and we chilled with Chris a bit more. I even got Aaron to record a video for my friend Holly who missed out on tickets haha

I just want to sum up saying I had a blast and it was only night one! The convention hadn’t even started yet and I was already on top of the world. The next part of the weekend will be posted soon after this so keep your eyes peeled!

So night one done and dusted! I love that last pic, Chris rested his head on mine. Can we go out now? That’s a thing right?  haha 

Let me know if you have fangirled recently and met any you-tubers/celebrities you adore! 

Love Always,