High Tea at the Westin | Events with Rai

Today I went out to celebrate my friend Ally’s 22nd birthday! She was lovely enough to organize a high tea event at The Westin hotel. It was even Mad Hatter themed! If you know me I’m a disney fanatic and love the Mad Hatter so I was right in my element!

 Once we entered we were shown to a private room, which felt overly fancy to what we were used to. It was fab, like stepping into another world for even just the slightest of moments. (But when I talk fancy, I mean it, like the bathroom was WOAH like everything was sensor controlled hahaha). 

Before our mini edibles came we ordered tea and coffee, like the child I am I got hot chocolate. Yes I’m one of those people who don’t like tea or coffee. It’s sad haha! All the sandwhiches were delicious, there was two with ham, one with crab (yum!) and a mini little salad. The desserts were my favourite part though. We had the white rabbits macaroon pocket watch, the red queens heart and a chocolate cake mad hatters hat!

This was all followed by scones, it didn’t look like much but we were all completely full. I thought it was delicious! I have been to two other high teas before but this would have been my favourite taste wise. Also the others didn’t offer hot chocolate (discrimination much!) so I liked actually having a hot beverage this time round! 

Afterwards we headed to the Opera house for a late afternoon drink, more chats and some great views! 

Overall I had a fantastic time! I believe Ally did as well 🙂 I would totally go to The Westin for high tea again, it was good pricing for the amount of people and nice food as well! Plus it was great event to wear my new jumpsuit which I’m in love with! Hoping to have an #ootd for it later on! (basically when I get someone to take photos of me hahaha)

Let me know if you’ve ever been to High Tea, did you enjoy it? 

Love Always,