February | Wishlist

February. Here already, with it comes a new wishlist and a few more goals leading off from January’s great start! I’m feeling much more goal orientated and structured at the moment. I’m hoping to keep this positive mindset up this month! 

I’ve found that writing down in public saying things I’ll do has kept me to my word in January! I know a few of my posts might not have made it if I hadn’t tweeted about them that morning! So this post is about things I’d like to start, where Id like to go and just some personal and blog goals I’d like to keep! 

 –     –     –     –     –

Workout | I want to start exercising. I’ve put it off for way to long and I hate being unfit and not strong like I used to be. I want to start some yoga, take up boxing and hopefully get back into running again!

Yoga Mat | Leggings | Top | Shoes | Boxing Mitts | Wrap 

–     –     –     –     –

Home wares | It’s been about a year now since we moved and I am still in the process of finishing my room. I feel like it will never be finished because I’ll always find something I need to add. This time round I need more storage and I also want to add some plants. I‘ve always wanted to build a terrarium and Tegan‘s recent post showed her ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’ which looks like it would make my room come together more!

Ladder | Bamboo Shelf

 –     –     –     –     –

Personal goals | Personally I want to read between 2-5 books this month. I only got through 1 book in January and I need to aim higher if I’m going to reach my 2016 reading list. I want to also add to that list and buy Grace’s style book as I loved her first one so much! I also want to draw more, I lost the love of it a year back but want to pick up those pens and pencils again, even the pastels when I’m feeling adventurous!

 –     –     –     –     –

Blog goals | I‘m trying to aim posting every second day this month. I have most of the posts planned so I hope I can reach this goal! I want to also stay ahead and organized and plan March posts before that month starts. I want to try out a couple of beauty posts as well and see if I like them and carry them out in the future.
Now the goals I’m scared to say out loud. I want to reach my twitter goal of 300 and hopefully stay there and I want to try out a video for the blog. Yikes!

–     –     –     –     –

So this is my February wishlist! I want to encourage you all to start writing down or announcing to people, friends, family, whomever you like what you want to achieve. It has helped me set a path and actually gain motivation which I’ve lacked before. Give it a try!

Tell me some of your February goals in the comments! How do you stay motivated?

Love Always,