Binge by Tyler Oakley | Book Review

When Tyler announced his book I knew I would be picking it up for a read. I’ve always been a bit 50/50 with Tyler, I don’t watch many of his videos, I can appreciate his charity work and him as an role model to young teens but was never sure if I could warm to him. I don‘t know why I just didn’t think personality wise what he put up on his videos would be someone I could be great friends with. 

So book in hand I gave it a shot and you know what? It’s probably one of my favourite bio’s I’ve read so far!

Even the opening sentence grabbed me, lets just say that Tyler ain‘t his birth name. I’ll leave it at that so you can see what it is and try to picture him as that name like I did. It didn’t work, hey, he suits Tyler okay? haha 

I usually split the book up into chapters but his were just all mini essays in no particular order. Which was great, as it means you can pick the book up at anytime and read either a short or long amount. For fun you can pick and choose essays at will. Essays sound like a boring school term but I really felt they were personal stories stung out essay like to give structure. Don’t let this fool you though, Tyler’s voice weaves throughout them all and you can hear him speaking to you in the only way Tyler can, loud, funny, brash and himself. It was perfect!  

So to mix this up I’m going to talk briefly about all the main topic matters I believe Tyler comments on within his book! Mentioning my thoughts and I guess mini essays about each one.
Life | Tyler is one of the top YouTube creators in the world. His life must be hectic. He talks about childhood, highschool, college and his careers leading up to and including YouTube. We see how he got his ambitions, love of drama, how he first got behind a camera. He talks about funny incidents and those embarrassing childhood moments. He talks about the ‘fame’ from YouTube the ups and downs, the one direction moments, the crazy fans. If you are involved or interested in YouTube culture it‘s always great seeing it from their perspective. 

Relationships | Relationships are a major theme throughout the book, Tyler talks animatedly about his relations with family, friends and loved ones. Hearing how he talked about family made me appreciate him a lot more. Even though he had some rough times he made amends and is able to appreciate where he is, how he was still himself and move forward with family intact. Hearing him talk about friends was also special, you can tell that they hold a dear place in his heart, that he would do anything for them and appreciates all they do. 

Then there was the love parts. Some had me laughing, a lot had me laughing. Tyler doesn’t hold back and it is amazing haha. There’s a chapter called ‘The one that got away’ and it had me saying ‘aw‘ shipping him and the guy, sad near the end then bad-ass after he came out of it. It was a roller coaster of events, to be honest I think Tyler would write GREAT fan fiction haha. It was nice hearing different types of relationships and the different paths they all took. If I was friends with Tyler in real life I would go to him for advice haha!

Sense of self | Just do you. Tyler is 100% himself. I’ve never fully doubted this. As I said in the opening statement I’ve just never felt a connection to him, I don’t know why it just didn’t happen like it did with other YouTubers. However after reading his book, delving into his uncensored mind I was hooked off his love of being himself, apologetically. Tyler also talks about bad days but what I admire about him now, is how he takes a step back to look at the bigger picture, figures things through and at the end of the day knows who he is, what he stands for and isn’t afraid to be otherwise.

Mental health  | Talking about bad times. Tyler went personal in this book. I’ve never heard anyone talk so freely about these issue before. It was interesting to see how people can view themselves at different times. What they go through and how they think at these times. I’m sure writing about them will help at least one person and that’s the comfort I think Tyler got from opening up about these issues. He helped me in a way where I will be able to see the bad signs and not fall for them. He teaches you to see the signs, know when to get out and when to get help. That getting help makes you stronger not weak. I won’t go into detail but he touches on eating disorders, abuse and suicide. The Trevor Project is also bought up which is what I know Tyler mostly for as that’s his main aim and charity he helps every year. It was interesting reading when he first touched based with them and how it changed him for the better. Much love to Tyler for these chapters. 

Funnies | You will, if anything get a laugh from Binge. As you saw in one of the photos above he has a whole chapter dedicated to what he would do as Beyonce for a day haha! Another one was just him listing his favourite Disney Princes aka his order of most crush worthy haha. For those asking my top five would be;

5 – Beast (You know, when he isn’t a beast ;P)

4 – Eugene

3 – Hercules

2 – Peter Pan (he totally counts okay!)

1 – Eric 

–     –     –     –     –


Last opinions? Personality wise, Tyler’s shines through. You‘re with him every step of the way like he is taking your hand and leading you on a tour of his life. You can tell it meant a lot for him to open up like this but you feel that overall trust he has with his readers so you always feel welcome. Maybe don’t read it on a bus like I did, there is a whole chapter dedicated to porn which was awkward with the older gentleman sitting behind me hahaha!

So back when I said I was only ever 50/50 and not sure if we could be friends? I take that back. I feel a weird connection to Tyler after this book. It was like when I read fantasy novels and finish them, you go “I don’t want to say goodbye yet”. I wanted to keep learning more about him, I think it would be cool to meet him one day just to say “hey, thank you for this book”. Cheesy I know but it gave me a great sense of I’m going to do what I want, believe what I believe and trust in myself. I think I’ll watch his documentary next to hear him talk more on these matters!

–     –     –     –     –

Favourite quote | “Described as ‘Caesar Flickerman’s bastard son’.” I won’t give context to this. haha

If you liked ‘My drunk kitchen’ by Hannah Hart or ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler then you’ll like ‘Binge‘ by Tyler Oakley!

Let me know if you have read Binge, or if you think you will! What did you think of it?

Love Always,