Back to Uni | Wishlist

I’m into wish lists at the moment so
I decided to make a Uni Wishlist, 6 necessary items that you’ll either
need or just plain want. (Let’s be honest I also just wanted to stare at
stationary and bags haha).
Here in Australia its almost time to head back to uni. I’ve luckily finished my Advanced Diploma however my friends will be heading back to the books, most of whom it will be their last year! Exciting, but also terrifying to think we’ve been out of highschool for 5 years!

1 | I can’t concentrate without water. I also use it as a procrastination device or drink to try and make time go faster. (I do this at work, it doesn’t happen, just makes you need to pee a lot haha) Plus this water bottle gave me a laugh. Hey it’s what any Uni student actually wants to be drinking instead, right?

2 | A To Do list. This one is actually really great. It comes with three leveled tiers. The first is for notes, second for doodling and the third is a to-do list! Great to carry around to jot down any ideas and figure out your daily goals. Also great for blogging!

3 | We carry our phones with us everywhere. If it’s running low and you need to catch up with friends after class just plug it in during your lecture and BAM charging while you learn. Great multitasking guys *high five* I’ve also been looking for one for when I go on conventions! Taking all those photos really drains that battery!

4 | I can’t make a uni wishlist without a bag to carry all our new stuff in, can I? haha You can’t go wrong with black, brown and cream either. Goes with any outfit and looks chic AF! (yes I just said AF, yes I’ve been watching Grace Helbig lately)

5 | This is actually the same diary I am using this year. It’s bright and vibrant making you want to jot down those important dates. It’ll also remind you of summer and hey that can be your motivation for finishing this year, a proper summer to relax! Let’s be real though, it spreads the year in both monthly and weekly form, includes stickers, a spare notebook and places to write goals, dreams and reflect on the month!

6 | We can’t forget a good notebook can we? Or 20. I have a notebook obsession.

–     –     –     –     –

For all those going back, I hope I sparked some inspiration! If you surround yourself with beautiful things that make you happy and inspired then your school year won’t seem as dull! Also wanna wish my friends good luck and congrats for their last year! 

Let me know your school must haves and your favourite from above!

Love Always,