A look back… | January

I can’t believe it is February already! 2016 started off on a good point in my life. My head space was a lot clearer and I choose that I would make it grand. January did not disappoint. 

I want to say a lot happened during January but I believe it was more to the end where things started getting busy for me. At the beginning I was getting the hang of my new blog layout and name, it was a fresh start. Both on the blog and in my life. Last year was hectic for me. I had a feeling I had more downs then ups. So I decided to take charge and really use 2016 as my own fresh start. My main aims were to;

Have a positive mindset

Get out of the house more

Enjoy the little things

–     –     –     –     –

Here’s a look back on a few of my highlights!

Lazer Team Premiere | I got to go see the world premiere of Lazer Team. The first ever film created by RoosterTeeth! It was one of the best comedy Sci-fi’s I have seen. I was proud of all the work put into it and that it was fully funded by the fans! Then I got to hang out with them all at the after party. Will be one of the best nights of my life.

RTXAU | After the premiere was the convention. Basically a whole weekend filled with watching live panels, let’s plays and meeting my favourite people in the world. Plus Ryan picked me up and I got to hug Chris. Life complete!

Make-up | I never seemed to grasp the love of make-up when all my friends were getting into it. That started to change last year but I’ve seemed to gather a real passion for it and have started to experiment and practice with new products! I actually look forward to putting make-up on in the morning
Confidence | I have a huge boost in confidence. I think it’s due to me putting a positive spin on things. I feel more comfortable in my skin. I enjoy starting conversations more. Even to strangers. I like getting involved more on twitter and just chatting! I‘m finding my own sort of style, it’s great!

–     –     –     –     –

A few blog posts I loved this month were;

Festival Blues | The first #ootd in 2016! Plus I love the dress and the boots. I also shot for the first time where the public could see me so that was awkward! haha

2016 Book List | I’m very excited to read a lot more this year unfortunately I only got one book done in January so I need to up my game!  

Nigella Lawson | The first volunteering of the year. It was the gorgeous Nigella. Plus who doesn’t love talking about food?

–     –     –     –     –

Overall I just feel overall happy and at bliss with where I am right now. I really hope I take this into the rest of the year!

Have a good February everyone! Plus let me know how your January went in the comments!

Love Always,