A look back… | February

It feels like I was only writing January’s a look back only a few days ago but alas another whole month has passed. By god it’s been a game changing one. I’ve really improved myself and I feel content. Yes bad days happened (to be expected) but I can now pull myself out of them with knowledge I’ve done it before and some bloody great friends (A few of you online friends) helped me more than you know!

I gave myself a few goals in my February wishlist post, so let’s see how I did!

Exercise | Hey look, it’s me actually starting and continuing one of my goals! A goal 5 years in the making but I’m finally doing it. Only small steps but its a start! I’ve been doing Wii dance and the cardio they have in that game, which actually gets your heart pumping and tracks how many calories you lose. I’ve only done a few yoga sessions but I want to continue this as I’ve found afterwards my back doesn’t hurt as much. Plus I’ve been doing plenty of sit ups and planks. I used to be only able to plank for 5 seconds (yes I’m that unfit!) but I’ve worked it up to 35 seconds and now to see if we can reach between 2-5 minutes haha

I also mentioned clothes that I wanted to buy. Yes I got most of the ones in my February wishlist post. It actually really helps, I feel bad ass and cool in my new gym wear and it motivates me to want to exercise! I’ll hopefully have an #ootd of these in the next month or so!

Home-wares | I mentioned organizing my room a lot better. I got more shelf space for more of my decorations pieces that I own, but I’m still slowly working on clothing storage, getting there but not quite finished. I still end up with a ‘floor’drobe and I want to try and stop this from happening! I still don’t have a plant. I will one day! I promise hahaha

Blog | Some milestones were hit guys! I’m super proud of what I achieved this month blog wise! There is actually a lot here so I’m going to list it below;

300 Twitter followers: have been trying to reach it for a while. Was giving myself a year but its February and it’s already ticked off! 500 will be my new aim!
80 Bloglovin’ followers: Technically I have 85 now but the blogs page itself only 80. But hey! I was stuck on 30 for so long I’m super happy, my goal is 100 but all this takes work. I’m working my ass off and super proud. It’ll come, I’m giving it time!
Schedule: I set a goal of posting every second day, guess what? I DID! Wow, it takes a lot of work and planning. I dunno how daily bloggers so it. I really want to carry this on but if not I’m proud of myself this month!
Beauty: I wanted to start involving beauty onto the blog, I had a perfume post, a review and a make-up look. Goal achieved!

–     –     –     –     –

What I did | I’ve spent a lot of time with friends this month as well. Many movie nights, dinners and just hanging out. I’ve loved this. They all will be heading to uni again I really want to keep this going but even if its not as frequent I will appreciate all the time I can spend with them. 

Blogging friends have also grown, I feel closer to those I’ve already talked to and met a whole new bunch of you guys. Talking in the comments and on twitter always makes my day even more special. It’s that connection I was looking for when I first started! 

I got out of my comfort zone a lot this month. I tried new things; food, activity’s, blog posts. I wasn’t disappointed, it was nice! I’ve improved my blog photos and the time I take on them, started drawing again and I’m already planning posts in March!

What I didn’t | Unfortunately didn’t read more than one book again. I also didn’t film any videos. Reading wise this is a process that I know will speed up once I find a right time and place to read that works for me. Will most likely be the bus to and from work. 

Film wise I still hate my voice, I’m scared of editing, I dunno what video to start with. I’ll get there, I just need to believe in myself a bit more. I really do want you all to see me more on a real level than just photos. I think it will be a cool bonding exercise haha!

–     –     –     –     –

My top posts of this month were;

Valentines | I really pushed myself out of my normal comfort zone, I talked about my growth in confidence, did a more mature and open photo-shoot/self portrait and got deep with you guys. I love how I feel comfortable to share my thoughts with you all. I appreciate that. It’s one of the things that has helped me gain this confidence!
Binge | I loved this book. I haven’t fully immersed myself in a book like this in a while. I feel like I’ve finally found my love of books again. Hopefully you can see it shine in this post!

Uni Wishlist | I got so many comments on this post. You all really love your wishlists and stationary! haha Uni starts again tomorrow so this will hopefully inspire some people!

–     –     –     –     –

February is now done and dusted. Looking forward to the rest of the year. Wonder if I can stay on track? Let’s hope so! I’m looking forward to so many things this year, events, a wedding, travel. It can only go more up! (fingers crossed for not too many downs!)

What did you achieve this month? What are you most proud of?

Love Always,