Nigella Lawson with Business Chicks | Volunteering


Nigella Lawson! Yes the cooking extraordinaire who has made me fangirl over food and have a love for her not cutting out sugars and “un-healthy” foods which is becoming ever popular these days (like sure go ahead and make healthy choices but don’t tell me I can’t have cream! haha). When I saw the opportunity come up it was an immediate “Pick me! Pick me!” to volunteer.

As you have read in my last posts you’ll also know that I had RTXAU this weekend so I was lucky enough that I was already staying in the city where this event was held! Dragging my suitcase off the bus I was able to make it on time to join my fellow volunteers packing over 800 gift bags for the events guests! Let’s just say I get a lot of exercise during these events haha.

Afterwards we were given roles (I made sure to get book sales, it’s my favourite place) and I went off to find my hotel! The place my friend got us was called ‘The Tank Stream’ for a last minute booking it was fabulous plus the three night stay was so great cost wise! (Which knowing me is great I’m up for any bargain!) Plus the beds were extremely comfy which meant I got at least some rest for the 5am wake up call.

No matter how many times I do these events waking up at 5am still somehow kills me haha I did make it though and was awake by the time the first guests started to arrive. I was working with my friend Gabby again who pointed out a guest who she was very excited to see in real life, Katherine Sabbath who I found out is a well known baker on Instagram HERE. After looking at her cakes I am also addicted haha! 

After they all ate it was time for Nigella to go on stage. I was working through most of it but she is stunning face to face plus her voice is just as lovely as on TV haha. Most of her interview was about how she found her love for food and how it is her way to de-stress and wind down after a day of over thinking. She encouraged everyone to do the same and find one thing in your life that you love where you can focus solely on the project in front of you, which is probably reading for mwah.

Unfortunately Nigella had such a busy schedule that we were unable to meet her and get a picture. However this event had more of a friend catch up feel by spending more time again with the other volunteers who I have worked with over the past year, which was nice. 

I’ve realized that over the course of writing about volunteering I’ve never suggested to you all to go out and do it yourselves. Even if you don’t study events I’d suggest you go out and try it! It pushes me way out of my comfort zone but I’ve learnt more team skills, business skills, made friends and it looks great on a resume!

So are there any places you’ve volunteered for? Let me know below! 

Love Always,