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This week and weekend are going to get a bit hectic event wise, which means; one: I’ll be jam packed and super tired by Monday and two: you’ll all be getting new event posts to read! (Maybe even watch if I take a leap and film things!) The first events of the year I may add!

Itinerary | I thought I should kick things off by rambling a bit while letting you all know whats in store for the next 5 or so days. I am attending one event that is spread over three days and I am also Volunteering for Business Chicks again! I will hopefully be keeping you all up to date on my twitter and maybe even snap a few pics on Instagram and on my snap-chat which is: raierinrose (add me for a random pic every week or so hahaha). 

–     –     –     –     –

Thursday | It all kicks off Thursday! With volunteering prep. The night before each event I do with Business Chicks they get everyone together to set up the venue. A LOT OF GIFT BAGS ARE PACKED. Its a great time to meet who will be your new friends the next day and your team. (But friends sounds cooler). After setting it all up we crowd together like zombies, I feel like one after manual labour no matter how much I do it haha, to see what roles we are playing on the event day! Afterwards I am meeting my friend at our hotel and SLEEP!

Friday | Then the big event day! I will probably be waking up around 4-5am depending what time we need to arrive at the venue. Then it’s all stations go. For what speaker you may ask? Nigella Lawson! That’s right I get to hear Nigella speak about her amazing food right in front of my eyes!
Now onto the next event. I am YouTube crazy, you all know that. One of my faves are bringing their convention to Sydney. So I’ll be off to RTXAU the next three days. Friday will consist of a Red carpet then the movie premiere itself for ‘Lazer Team’ followed by the VIP party where I get to try* and mingle with them like a proper human being (*and fail). Then SLEEP!

Saturday | Will be the first full day of RTXAU. As I have never been to it before I dunno what to expect. I imagine it’ll be lots of live let’s plays and silliness I have only ever experience in YouTube videos!

Sunday | Sadly this will be the last day of my jam packed week. It’ll be bittersweet. I’ll be seeing so many of my faves then having to leave them again. I hope I meet new friends over this week. That’ll be worth it!

–     –     –     –     –

After all this it is back to real life and telling you guys all about it! Let me know if you have any events planned or what you’ll be excited to hear about from me!

Love Always,