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Got a secret, can you keep it? Well it’s not too much of a secret. Most of the world is addicted to the show Pretty Little Liars and I am no exception. I first saw the show when friends put it on one rainy lunch at high school. I made fun of it at first, “who would ever get into this” a few weeks later I was up to date and counting down the days for the next episode.

I got my hair chopped off again recently. The shortest I’ve been. So I thought seeing as it is not only, PLL day and WCW (woman crush Wednesday) I would shout out one of the fabulous ladies who added to my want of cutting my hair off; Lucy Hale. 


 I’m in love with each of the girls, Troian is my ultimate bae because Spencer is literally me haha. Shay is at the top of my girl crush list, Ashley is hilarious and Hanna always wins my heart. Lucy however I have always looked to in style. She is gorgeous plus when she chopped her hair off I went “I wanna do that too!” 

I’m glad I did, I now hate when it grows too long. It’s also amazing in the summer! Lucy pulls it off so well, plus I want to steal her hair stylists for how they make it look so different each time! I literally just wear it the same nearly everyday!

Not only do I love her length but the highlights are to die for! I luckily still have some from when I bleached my hair to die it pink. So I have blonder streaks throughout my hair, mainly at the front. If I save a bit more I will probably get this re-done because not only does it look great in photos but it adds more dimension to your hair. 

Who is your WCW? Do you have anyone who inspired your latest haircut? Who’s your favourite PLL? Let me know!

Love Always,

What did you think of the latest episode? I loved it! They all look SO GOOD now that they are closer to their real ages. I love how their styles have matured and still keep to character! I’m so keen to see the drama start to happen, I’m on my seat waiting for the new enemy to start messing with them!